Teddy bear for cat

Make your cat happy by making an adorable teddy bear with your own hands. Our winter Our workshop gives you the steps to follow!

The essential tools:

  • Two mismatched socks
  • A pair of scissors
  • An indelible marker
  • 3 small buttons, 2 identical.
  • Foam padding for cushion
  • Thread and needle
  1. With the marker, draw the cutting marks on one of the socks
  2. Cut out the pieces with scissors and lay them flat to view your teddy bear. Sew the bottom end of the body and the outline of the arms, leaving one side free to insert the stuffing.
  3. Stuff the body of the teddy bear with foam, then close it with a stitch.
  4. Repeat for the head and sew it onto the body.
  5. Based on the dimensions of your character’s head, cut an oval out of the other sock to make his mouth. Sew it to the front of the head.
  6. Sew on the three buttons to represent the two eyes and nose of your figure.
  7. Finally, stuff the arms with foam and sew them onto your figure.