How do I trim my cat’s claws?

In the cat’s natural environment, claws are an extremely valuable tool, as they play a central role in the performance of various behaviors: marking territory, climbing, hunting or defending themselves. Just like human nails, claws are made of keratin, they grow and need to be maintained. If a cat that has access to the outdoors can naturally wear out its claws on hard surfaces, it is not the same for a feline that lives indoors. Your intervention is therefore necessary to trim his claws once they become too long. But how to be sure to have the right gesture? The answer is here!

Why do you have to cut his claws ?

Even if the indoor cat has access to various accessories dedicated to the maintenance of the claws, as for example a scratching post or a cat tree, it is not always enough to wear them as it should be.

If a claw is too long, the risk of injury is there: it can break, turn over or damage a pad, which is extremely painful and disabling for your pet.

It is then advisable to regularly check your cat’s claws and to trim them if necessary. If a claw is visible when it should be retracted, it is a sign that it is time to cut it.

The right way to trim

In order to have the full cooperation of your cat, this manipulation must be done during a calm moment or when he asks for your attention. It should not be agitated, at the risk of injuring it involuntarily.

As for the instrument, it is essential to use a nail clipper that is perfectly adapted and that offers a clean section without splitting. Nail clippers or scissors for humans are not recommended.

To bring out the claw, gently press your free hand on your cat’s paw pads and then proceed to a clean cut of the transparent section of the claw, taking care not to get close to the pink part at the risk of touching a blood vessel.

If your cat is rather recalcitrant or if you are afraid of hurting him, do not hesitate to ask your veterinarian who will help you, either to perfect your technique, or to realize the small manicure of your cat for you!