My dog can’t stand other dogs: What to do ?

Your dog can’t stand other dogs? It is necessary to identify the origins of his aggressiveness which are multiple! Socialization is of the utmost importance to avoid behavioral problems. A dog trainer must help you and give you good advice on learning and controlling your animal to avoid sometimes violent fights.

Why does my dog hate other dogs?

Several causes can explain his aggressiveness, including mistreatment at one time in his life. The same is true for a dog that comes from a shelter and feels a deep malaise. The puppy or the dog may have had a traumatic experience with one of its fellow dogs.

Dog training is very important, because if a puppy has not had regular contact with adult dogs, he will become suspicious and even aggressive with them. The puppy must develop his canine codes and learn the dog’s language.

Socialization is essential, but it is not necessarily done in time. A poorly weaned puppy will sooner or later develop behavioral problems. In some cases, the puppy’s problem is genetic, which leads to an intolerance towards other dogs. A consultation with a veterinarian is necessary, as he will suggest a treatment against hyperthyroidism.

The aggressiveness can also be of hormonal origin. Indeed, an unneutered male produces testosterone, which creates a spirit of competition towards the other unneutered males. On the same territory, two dogs will fight because of a female dog in heat. As an owner, if you are afraid that your female dog will be injured by another dog, you avoid encounters with other dogs. Also, illness or pain can cause a dog to become aggressive.

How do I help my dog to socialize?

Once all the puppy’s senses are developed, it is possible to start socializing him between 1 and 3 months. He discovers new environments and all the animal species including other dogs with whom he will communicate. Little by little, he is brought to meet all the people in the family and the list is long. The puppy also gets used to noisy situations such as the car and various usual places such as the market. This adult dog will be perfectly balanced.

An adult dog can suffer from developmental and behavioral problems. This dog has forgotten the canine codes and only a dog trainer can help you to socialize your pet again. It is necessary to surround yourself with balanced dogs in a neutral environment. As soon as your dog reacts to another dog, it needs to find itself in a comfort zone. As he refocuses on you, as soon as he looks at you and cooperates, praise him warmly!

What to do in case of a violent confrontation?

We don’t necessarily know how to behave in the event of a violent argument. By reflex, in case of confrontation between two aggressive dogs, a master is tempted to intervene. You should never pull on the collars of your dogs, because you risk being bitten. It’s only human to want to defend your dog, but if you panic, he will feel your fear. In a fight, you should :

  • never hit a dog, because violence leads to violence;
  • Do not yell or pull on the leash, as your pet will understand this as a sign of danger;
  • spray the animals with fresh water from a container at your disposal;
  • Throw a blanket over them, so they will be in the dark and stop fighting;
  • speaking in a firm voice may be enough, but it is not certain they will hear you;
  • distract their attention by making noise with objects;
  • take their hindquarters in pairs, using circular motions to separate them.

In case of growling, the owner can play indifference and change the sidewalk, but this will not solve the problem. In any case, you must correct the aggressive dog in front of another dog.

To do this, you need to re-engage and re-train your pet to regain control outside of your home.

First, set up games while praising your dog with treats. Then, repeat the exercises every day, increasing the duration. Focus on his favorite toys or games as well as his treats. Once your new union is a success, move on to the next step, which is training.

You can now give him three commands that are essential to master him perfectly. These words are: “leash, down and come”, the latter for recall. As soon as your dog has assimilated well and responds to the commands, you must test his behavior outside while getting him used to wearing a muzzle that does not trap his muzzle.

In conclusion, your dog must obey you and be comfortable with you so that it will not attack other dogs. However, if you have a categorized dog or a dog that is aggressive towards your family, it is highly recommended to get the advice of a veterinarian behaviorist and a dog trainer near you.