Why does my cat follow me around?

If you share your daily life with a cat, you must surely have noticed some very particular habits, sometimes amusing, but also get to know the thousand and one faces that characterize his feline temperament.
Among his habits, one is particularly visible: he acts like a real glue pot with you and follows you everywhere! If you are wondering why he acts like this, here is the answer!

While you’ve always heard that cats are great loners with an independent character, your dear feline acts like a real dog by following you in every corner of your home and sometimes even demanding your attention!

When he is a kitten, the little one is used to live near his mother and to follow her everywhere. At her side, he feels safe and can learn to live without fear in the world around him.

It is not uncommon for some cat owners to have an extremely strong relationship with their feline, almost maternal, and that the latter feels the same way: you are part of his family and have a major place in his life.
This strong bond explains in part why your cat accompanies you wherever you go, because he knows that you are the one taking care of him. Your cat feels comfortable in your company and wants to be for as long as possible.

Also, indoor cats have much less activity than outdoor cats, they can’t hunt, explore their environment… Your presence is therefore for him a certain source of stimulation and occupation: you are the center of his attention!

Nevertheless, in the most extreme cases, it is possible that your pet suffers from hyper attachment, a syndrome that is most often encountered in poorly weaned cats.
As an excessive feeling, even if this behavior seems endearing at first, the other side of the coin is that your pet gets bored when you are not around, which can cause behavioral problems, stress or anxiety.