How to take care of your cat?

Cats don’t like to have their habits disturbed: moving house, moving house, adoption, arrival of a baby, guests… Not because it is independent and almost autonomous, but rather because it loses its smells and all its landmarks. At the slightest annoyance, kitty urinates out of his litter box, scratches the couch or hides under the furniture? Something has disturbed his territory and he manifests his anguish in this way. How can we prevent him from suffering from it and what can we do to improve his comfort and well-being? We explain it to you in this article.

How to soothe behavioral disorders in a cat?

If you like to constantly change your decor or furniture, your cat will hate it. Why? Simply because he will be destabilized and anxious to have lost all his smells and his marks. But don’t panic, there are solutions. For example, the Feliway is a stress reliever for your cat that will allow him to regain confidence and serenity. In various forms (diffusers, spray or pipettes), this product diffuses olfactory marking pheromones that mimic those of the feline, capable of soothing it.

They have the particularity of resembling the substances naturally spread by cats. In particular, those that enable cats to quickly identify safety zones, without any danger for them. This is the reason why our little animals rub their heads against the furniture, against our legs, scratch the furniture or fight with other cats. This is how they delimit their territory and their position within a group. Specially designed to improve behavioural disorders related to territory (stress, anxiety, prostrate cats, etc.) and marking (urine, scratching, etc.), this product remains one of the best solutions currently available on the pet store market. You can thus understand why the disappearance of a piece of furniture can cause anxiety to the cat, who thus loses an olfactory reference point!

Picking up a kitten at home is not done without thinking about it beforehand. Don’t forget that by this act, you are committing yourself to take care of him and to do everything possible to make him happy. Especially since there’s nothing complicated to achieve this, except a few precautions to take and a lot of love to lavish! Let’s go to meet them.

Cats and kittens: in the land of purr and meow

If you have decided to adopt a kitten or a cat, a wonderful world of games, cuddles and purring awaits you, to the delight of young and old alike. However, this little feline does not like to be disturbed in its environment. Why and what should be done in this case? Follow us without making noise… Felix is resting.

It goes without saying that the comfort and well-being of our four-legged companions is all the more important to us because we like to see them happy. And who says happy, says quality food, daily play sessions and caresses available. But not only: their living conditions are also essential to their development and happiness.

Whether it’s an apartment kitten or a country cat, the owners of all these little mistigris have common responsibilities regarding their protection.

1 – Monitor his health and his shape
Vaccinating your animal to protect it from certain infectious diseases seems just as necessary as in humans. Indeed, its effectiveness is – quite rightly – indispensable in the case of viruses, bacteria or parasites. In fact, vaccination avoids any risk of contamination. With several injections (necessary the first year) and booster shots the following times, he will be properly immunized against certain diseases that can be fatal.

In addition, it is also recommended to monitor your cat’s general health. Your veterinarian will thus be able to detect or spot signs of stress or other conditions, sometimes invisible to the naked eye.

2 – Adapting your cat’s living space and environment
You should also know that the arrival of a kitten or a cat in your home will not be the same depending on whether you live in an apartment or a house.

In fact, the “field cat” will be able to go outdoors at will to hunt, play or relieve itself. As for the “city cat”, you will inevitably have to provide him with a clean litter box, a scratching post on which he will scratch, as well as a cat tree where he can climb and hide according to his desires. The higher he is, the better he will feel. Without forgetting, of course, to feed him as much as he wants, in a balanced way.

3 – Contributing to his well-being
To go further in the notion of animal well-being, taking care of his little ball of fur also consists in giving him lots of cuddles and papillae, but only if he wishes it. Not only will you be stimulated by its softness and tenderness, but it will be able to give it back to you a hundredfold. To better decipher the signs of his love for you, let’s find out right away what a cat’s purr means.

Of course, one article would not be enough to explain why cats purr and how they do it. However, among the multitude of explanations, we can already retain the most revealing ones for our little companions. Through its purr, the cat is able to…

Expresses his well-being
Regulates stress and anxiety
Reassures and calms others
Relieves pain or sorrow
Communicates with his masters or fellow creatures
In other words, purring is not only a sign of satisfaction or well-being, but it can also indicate the animal’s state of stress. In fact, it is common for feral or dominant cats to purr in the face of danger, with the sole purpose of calming themselves on the one hand and calming their opponents on the other.

The cat… the animal that makes you feel good!

Still, several answers are possible regarding the purring of cats, the main objective for them being nevertheless, that of being able to relax and unwind. This is partly due to the secretion of serotonin, commonly known as the happiness hormone, which is also present in humans. Except that in the cat, this one has rather an effect of self-healing by the purr, from which we benefit ourselves, by ricochet. A tomcat purring on our bed or on our knees soothes us, relaxes us and lowers our blood pressure. And if he also deigns to sleep with you, your sleep problems will improve day by day.

In conclusion, we still have a lot to learn from our cat friends. But one thing is certain: having one in your life will allow you to never feel alone again, but most of all, you will both be extremely happy!