Is my cat happy?

Our friends the cats are not always easy to understand, and yet, they are well and truly able to communicate, whether it is to express joy, hunger, fear, excitement… Cats know perfectly well how to express what they feel through their behavior and their body language. So, to know if your cat is really happy, let’s review the signs of happiness that do not deceive.


For cats, the easiest and best-known way to express their well-being is by purring. You may hear your cat purring during cuddling or when she’s enjoying food. It’s his way of telling you that he’s relaxed and enjoying your company or just the moment. In other words, a purring cat is a happy cat.


Another signal of happiness in cats is looking at you with a gentle blink, which is a sign of trust and affection.


For a cat to be at its best, it needs to feel in control. To do this, he rubs against all the objects that make up his environment (tables, chairs, sofa …) but also to you. The more your cat rubs itself and deposits its pheromones in the four corners of the house, the more it becomes familiar with its environment, the happier it feels.

Petting on the belly

If your cat lies on her back in front of you, she’s probably waiting for you to pet her on her belly. If she’s in this position, it means she trusts you completely and feels especially comfortable.


Kneading is an integrated gesture from the birth of the kitten. By giving you this kind of massage with its paws, the cat transmits its appeasement and its love. It is a very tender and affectionate gesture that he offers you with his paws.

The gifts

In addition to all these affectionate behaviors, if your cat is happy, it will let you know by offering you gifts. These gifts can be as simple as a wad of paper, or a piece of prey he’s hunted. It’s his way of saying thank you.

A good appetite

To finish with a sure sign, having a good appetite is a sign of well-being in cats.

Although they may seem lonely and unexpressive at first, cats are very intelligent animals that can make you feel good, and even pass it on to you. So, if you take into account all their little attentions and behaviors, you’ll quickly realize how happy your cat is in your company.