DIY: 4 decorative tips for your catnip!

1/ 100% recycled homemade planters!

If you are lucky enough to have an outdoor space like a garden or balcony, take advantage of it to create a custom-made green space for your cat. The current decorating trend being wood and recycled materials, you can imagine an original catnip planter whose seeds have been sown in a beautiful wooden wine crate, or, for the most DIYers among you, a garden coffee table made of pallets with an integrated green corner!

2/ A water and plants station

All in transparency and purity, this 2-in-1 station allows your apartment cat to quench its thirst and to enjoy, at the same time, a small corner of greenery.
Only a few materials are needed: two low transparent glass bowls of different sizes, a large one with a wide opening and a much smaller one intended as a water bowl.
Very easy to maintain, you just have to renew the water regularly so that your feline can enjoy a fresh and clean drink. As for the plants, they should be pruned, but very little watered. The trick? Fill the water bowl to the brim and let your cat drink. By drinking, your feline will cause enough water to leak out to water the plants!

3/ A small Zen garden

A small case of zen in your interior actually intended for your feline who will be able to enjoy the benefits of some beneficial plants for his health, but also, at the sight of this small garden very aesthetic arranged with love by your care.
A few small characters, pretty pebbles, catnip, young shoots of oats, rye, barley or wheat… It’s up to you to decorate his little corner of paradise as you see fit!

4/ The elegance of a pretty glass jar

Sober and chic, you can also opt for the simplicity of a transparent glass jar to grow catnip shoots for your feline’s digestive comfort! Perfect in any interior.

Impatient or ill-at-ease cat owners, we’ve also thought of you! You can also please your pet by opting for catnip presented in a plastic tray that you simply need to water to make it grow. Less aesthetic for sure, but so much simpler!