Going to winter sports with your dog & practical advice

The winter vacations are approaching and the first resorts will open their doors very soon! The reservation is taken and this year, the dog can go with us, enjoy the snow, to the delight of the children. Yes, but to face these extreme conditions, you have to be farsighted and attentive to your faithful companion. So, discover our 5 tips for a trouble-free winter vacation!

The health booklet

No hesitation possible! Put your dog’s health record in your suitcases to prevent a possible accident. The veterinarians will then be immediately aware of your dog’s history so that they can adapt the treatment.

Do not swallow fresh snow

Your dog is like a little crazy at the sight of the snow… But snowball games are to be restricted! Indeed, the snow ingested by your doggie can cause him gastric problems. Better yet, bring him his favorite toy to distract him during long hikes.

Check the pads

When the walk ends and you return to the apartment… Inspect the paws before heating up the hot chocolate! Remove the pebbles and blocks of ice that have stuck to the paws to relieve your companion.

Warm clothes

If your dog suffers from the cold, think about winter clothes! Padded coat, insulating boots… There are many models adapted to all sizes and breeds of dogs.

A protective cream

In the mountains, you get dangerously close to the sun’s rays and the freezing cold of the snow. It is essential to prepare your dog for these extreme conditions. A few days before departure, apply a protective tanning cream on the pads to thicken them. Once on the spot do the same before the walks: by protecting the scrotum, the tip of the ears and the depigmented nose, as well as the pads.

Now you are ready to face the snow while enjoying the mountain!