Feeding my insectivorous lizard well

Nutritional requirements

An insectivorous lizard is aptly named, since it must be fed exclusively with insects, but not just any insects!

We prefer crickets (of good quality, bought in a trusted pet shop or raised by you), small size if possible (they are easier to hunt and eat by the lizard). Occasionally, you can also offer some mealworms. Rather fat, they are to be reserved for special occasions. One can nevertheless vary and propose from time to time locusts, grasshoppers, flies or butterflies.

Canned insects are a good option to save time while offering quality food to your lizard. Cooked directly in their can, these insects retain all their nutritional qualities. This cooking also softens the exoskeleton of the insects, facilitating the ingestion and digestion of the lizard.

Note that some insectivorous lizards can also be frugivorous and exceptionally consume a piece of soft fruit.

Finally, be sure to sprinkle the insects with calcium carbonate so that your reptile does not lack vitamin A.

Meal Frequencies

Insectivorous lizards should be fed once a day.

Omnivorous lizard species

Some species of insectivorous lizards: the Green Anole, the Settlers’ Agame, many species of Chameleon, the Gecko, etc..