How to heat my terrarium?

The animal placed in a terrarium, as in a natural and wild element, must constantly self-regulate its temperature during the day and according to its needs and adapt its movements to maintain an ideal temperature. This is called the preferred average temperature or PAT.

Ectothermic animals constantly need heat to live, so it is essential to recreate, within a terrarium, an ideal thermal environment so that the animal can self-regulate in a natural way. This is why the various heating installations must not be chosen lightly and must be placed in strategic locations in order to recreate a hot zone superior to the reptile’s TMP and a cold zone inferior to its TMP.
It is crucial to respect a good heat regulation in the animal so that growth, digestion, reproduction, molting are carried out in good conditions. The heat will also help the proper functioning of its immune system.

It is considered that the heating system in a terrarium must fulfill certain functions: allow the animal to self-regulate and the diffusion of a uniform heat. It must meet the living conditions of the animals and plants if necessary, and must be linked with a system that checks the hygrometry.

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