Feeding my carnivorous lizard/carnassial well

Nutritional requirements

Carnivorous lizards eat almost exclusively small mammals (mice, rats, mice, small birds) and eggs.

It is however possible to vary their diet by giving them from time to time other sources of animal protein: steak, chicken, offal, cheese, insects, etc..

Be sure to choose small and already dead prey. If you freeze your lizard’s prey, be sure to thaw it beforehand. Defrosting with warm water is particularly recommended because it is quick and allows you to serve warm prey to your lizard.

Here again, your lizard will need a supplement in minerals and vitamins so as not to be deficient.

Frequency of the meals

A carnivorous lizard will need to be fed 2 to 3 times a week to control its weight gain.

Omnivorous lizard species

Some species of carnivorous lizards: the Savannah Lizard, the Spiny Tail Lizard, the Timor Lizard or the Curved Tail Lizard.