What should I do with my snake during the vacations?

The snake must stay in its terrarium …

The snake is an animal that easily gets stressed when it changes the environment. To avoid this stress it is better to leave it in its usual terrarium whatever the duration of your absence.

Solution number 1: For a short period of time

Leaving for a week or less?

No problem for your pet!
You can feed it before you leave and then when you return without worries, even a juvenile will easily accept a period of 7 consecutive days without food.
However, it is important to leave him a large bowl of fresh water at his disposal and place it in the cold spot of the terrarium. This will limit the evaporation that can be caused by the heating system.

Please ensure that the heating system is controlled by a thermostat.
If your snake has artificial lighting, consider adding a timer to manage the day/night rhythm.

Solution number 2: For a long period of time

Are you going away for more than a week?

In this case it is preferable that a person comes to take care of the snake during your absence.
This person can be one of your relatives, but there are many “petsitter”!

A visit once a week is sufficient, to check the level and cleanliness of the water, but also, if possible, to feed your pet!

If feeding is not possible…

An adult snake can endure very long periods of fasting without suffering.
On the other hand, it is preferable to feed your juvenile snake every week, otherwise, it will quickly lose weight.
A thawed prey deposited in your snake’s terrarium will do the trick, reassure the person, they will not have to feed it by hand.