Fallen in a swimming pool, this horse is saved by firemen.

In Texas, a horse weighing about 320 kg mysteriously got stuck in its owner’s pool.

After a neighbor heard the story, she called the fire department to inform them that a horse might be drowning. “When we arrived on the scene, the owner was nowhere to be found and three other horses were surrounding the pool,” Fire Chief Jeremy Lindsey told U.S. website Today.com. “There’s no way to tell how the horse got in the water, but he was shivering badly.

It took the combined efforts of five firefighters and two sheriff’s deputies to get him out, using straps attached to the fire engine. It would appear that the horse in question and his fellow horses were residing in an outdoor stall to keep them out of the cold, where they have since returned under close supervision while awaiting the return of their owner.

As unusual as it may be, this is not a first occurrence. More than a year ago, a horse was rescued in the same conditions in Arizona.