Henhouse: How to choose it?

Having chickens at home is a real joy on a daily basis but before welcoming them, you have to offer them a suitable henhouse that corresponds to their needs.
There are many different models of chicken houses with different characteristics. To help you, We presents here some tips to create a perfect environment for your future residents.

What you should know before buying a chicken coop

Chickens are adorable creatures. The whole family gets attached to them very quickly and enjoys watching them wander around the garden.
Nevertheless, like any animal, they need a specific environment so that they can move around, get some fresh air and go about their daily business. You should also keep in mind, especially if you want to have fresh eggs on a regular basis, that these little balls of feathers need an enclosed space to lay eggs, incubate, rest and take shelter during bad weather.

Before buying a chicken coop, you should know that on average, you need 4 square meters of space for two or three birds, if they are not in semi-liberty, that is to say, they do not spend much time outside. If you want to opt for an enclosure, then you can choose a slightly smaller cage, as they will be able to go out whenever they want.

However, it’s important to respect the space requirements of these animals, as a small enclosure and poor living conditions can encourage the growth of bacteria that can lead to disease.

What are the essential elements?

Several elements must absolutely be present in the henhouse, these will ensure the well-being of your animals on a daily basis, even when you are away during the day.

First of all, for feeding, you need a feeder and a waterer, these must obviously be cleaned regularly. If they don’t go outside to find food for themselves, it’s a good idea to give them household waste to vary their diet.

Then, if you want eggs or chicks, you can add a nesting box, it is advised to place it in a quiet and isolated place so that your little balls of feathers are relaxed. If they like this space, they will continue to come and lay their eggs.

It is important to know that a hen likes to sleep in a high place, so it is highly recommended to add a perch. Thus, your little animals will be able to rest in complete serenity.

They love to be free and to walk in the grass, it is for this reason, if you have the space, that it is advised to choose a henhouse with an enclosure.

Why choose a hen house with an enclosure?

A hen needs to get some fresh air, to go out and gesticulate in the grass. This is essential for her well-being. It’s understandable that you don’t have the time to watch them for several hours every day when they’re out and about. That’s why there are chicken coops with enclosures that allow you to give your little feathered friends an outdoor space with grass while preventing them from exploring your entire garden.

In addition, you will notice that a chicken will eat less seeds, because it will look for its food directly in the ground which contains minerals corresponding to its organism.
If you live near a field or a forest, this will also protect them from outside dangers.

The models offered in the internet

They offer different ranges that will allow you to create a suitable and comfortable environment for your little chickens. You will enjoy setting it up, then watching your animals explore their new home.

You will find that there are several models and that there is something for every budget. Some are made of wood and will give a country feel to your exterior.
Understanding that you want to create a little cocoon for your new residents, we exclusively offer accessories that will promote their well-being.

Having a small barnyard is a daily joy, you will love to go and see if you have eggs, hear the rooster crowing or see them frolicking in the grass. Having a chicken coop brings a bit of farm spirit to your garden. It’s also a great way to introduce children to the environment and teach them to care for animals other than dogs and cats.