5 tips for walking your dog on winter nights

With the time change and the approach of the winter season, it is inevitable that the night will gain precious minutes on the day.
While during the summer season, you were able to enjoy beautiful walks late in the evening with your dog, the walks are now done at sunset or even in the dark. For your safety and that of your faithful companion, it is essential to equip both of you with dedicated accessories to make you as visible as possible in the dark.

1/ Don’t ignore his walk

Yes, we know that! It’s cold, it’s dark and sometimes it’s not really sunny, which doesn’t necessarily make us want to go out! Dog or female dog owner or not, we are all the same in front of that! What could be more tempting than to stay at home and stay warm rather than face the cold outside? However, if you have a dog, this should not be an excuse. Summer or winter, your faithful companion needs to get some fresh air and exercise. Walking is part of his daily routine, a habit that is extremely important to him. Also, to let off steam outside is essential for his balance as well as for his health.

2/ Be visible!

If you usually take your dog out after your work day, it is not uncommon for it to be dark by this time. It is then extremely important to ensure your safety, but also that of your dog by making him visible to other users, but also to yourself to simply locate him, or, in the worst case, if he escapes your control.

For yourself, the best advice is to dress in light-colored clothing and/or wear a fluorescent safety vest. This is especially important if you are walking in dimly lit areas.

For your pet, there are several bright and/or reflective accessories that come in different sizes to protect the smallest as well as the largest dogs. If your dog has a black or dark coat, these accessories are even more important.

Reflective accessories: Among these accessories, there is the classic safety vest that you simply put on the dog’s body and attach it with velcro. Very light, it is very well supported and does not bother your pet at all. They have reflective strips on the side that allow you to see your dog by reflecting the light of a car headlight, a flashlight or a street lamp.
More discreet, you can opt for a collar, a leash or a scarf with the same option. Finally, the brand Julius K9 has declined its famous dog harness in fluorescent yellow color with glow-in-the-dark stitching.

Also, this kind of product can be very useful during hunting season in order not to risk that your dog is confused with game. Useful during the day and at night!

Luminous collar : For an increased visibility, some collars are entirely luminous or are equipped with a luminous loop. The principle is the emission of a light signal allowing your pet to be easily spotted. The light can be flashing or continuous.

3/ Choose well-lit places

To see properly and be seen, it is preferable to walk in well-lit areas.
This allows you to see what is around you and thus, not to risk to hurt yourself or your pet.
In terms of visibility for other users of the road, it is also much more reassuring and safe.

Also, for your safety, choose the most popular roads and avoid places that do not have sidewalks or that make you feel uncomfortable after dark.

4/ Equip your dog against the cold

At this time of the year, nightfall is accompanied by a drop in temperature. If you make sure you are comfortable in the cold, think about your dog, who may be afraid of the cold and get chilled, especially if he has short hair.

For the winter, to face the cold and the wind, padded coats or down jackets are available. If the dog runs or spends a lot of time walking, the coat may not be necessary at the time, but it will become essential when he is no longer active in order not to catch cold.

Finally, if the ground is covered with snow, think of equipping the paws of your faithful companion with boots in order to avoid any painful injuries linked to the cold on the paws and pads.

5/ After the effort, the comfort!

After a nice walk in the cold, what could be better than to find the warmth of your home and continue to share beautiful moments together. During the winter, remember to reserve a special place for your dog by placing his bed near a radiator or the fireplace!