My dog jumps on people!

Your dog jumps on you, your guests or even strangers he meets during your walks? If this behavior touched you when he was a young puppy, as an adult, it can quickly become embarrassing, even dangerous. As your dog’s weight increases with age, he could knock someone over, scare them or hurt them. Find out why your dog jumps on people and what you can do to make it stop.

Why does your dog jump on people?

If your dog jumps on people he meets, or on you when you come home, it’s primarily to get your attention: it’s his way of greeting you! It is important to keep this in mind: originally, this is not a deviant or dominant behavior, but a reaction of joy. In dog language, dogs lick each other’s muzzles to greet each other. So when you find your dog, he tries to get close to your face to say hello, and jumps up. Therefore, although his attitude is embarrassing and should be corrected, you should remain calm, as he would not understand your anger.
In some cases, this situation can also occur when the dog has too much energy, needs to exercise and has not had the opportunity during the day.

How to stop this behavior?

The first reaction is to remain calm. Understand that if your dog wants to get your attention by jumping on you, you will respond, even if negatively, by scolding or pushing him away. So when he does, ignore him! This means feigning indifference, not talking to him or even looking at him, or you will reinforce his behavior. The easiest way to do this is to turn your back on him completely. The same goes for all the people who enter your home: don’t hesitate to warn them in advance. When your dog calms down, sits down or lies down, go gently towards him to greet him and pet him so that he gradually makes the connection. He needs to understand that you are not accepting his affection in this way.
For people you meet on the street, have your dog sit before they approach you. Normally, within two weeks, you should see a marked improvement.
If not, ask yourself if your dog is getting enough exercise during the day, if he doesn’t have too much energy to get rid of. If so, you can go for long walks to meet his needs!

There are ways to stop your dog from jumping on everyone he meets. However, it takes time and patience to do so. And if, despite all your efforts, your dog’s behavior becomes too invasive, you can call on the services of a dog trainer who will assist you in this process.