How to protect your dog in winter?

Autumn is already well established and as the days go by, the winter season is slowly coming. In this mid-season, temperatures have already dropped significantly and are getting colder as we enter the winter season.
This chill affects us as humans, but dogs are not left out. Whether it is inside our home or outside, we can then take appropriate measures to help them spend the winter warm!

Protecting your dog from the cold with dog clothes

Even if the feeling of being cold is unpleasant for all our faithful companions, it can represent a danger for some dogs.
Indeed, except for animals coming from the cold and therefore used to cool or even extreme temperatures, such as mountain dogs, the resistance of some canines is limited outdoors in these conditions.

This is especially true for dogs that live indoors most of the time. The most vulnerable to the cold are small dogs, short-haired breeds, animals in poor health or thin, as well as puppies or seniors. To make sure you don’t make a mistake, discover all our advice on how to choose the right clothing for your small dog.

In order to protect your pet during the winter season or when he goes outside, putting on a dog coat can be particularly useful to help him maintain his body temperature and avoid a cold snap.

The thick dog coat is best worn outdoors, while sweaters and sweatshirts are perfect for mid-season or winter on cool, but not cold, sunny days.

Preserve paws and pads with dog shoes

While sweaters and coats protect your dog’s body, it is also very important to take care of his paws and especially his pads which are extremely fragile, but especially the first ones exposed to aggressions.
In winter, the number one danger for paws is snow and, here, all dogs are concerned. Snow itself can cause frostbite, but the salt used to remove snow can also cause irritation.

When walking in the snow, it is therefore preferable to have your dog wear suitable shoes. Insulating, they protect the pads from the cold and, in addition, are equipped with non-slip soles to avoid any risk of slipping, which can cause serious problems, especially if your dog is fragile or elderly.

Rest in a good dog bed with a heating mat

During the day or after a walk, it is so pleasant for your faithful companion to snuggle up in a soft bed placed in a warm corner of your home, why not near a lit radiator or even the fireplace!

There are many references in different materials to satisfy your dog’s desire to sleep: plastic basket with a blanket for more comfort, soft basket with wide edges or padded cushion in plush material…

Always choose the size of the bed according to your dog’s size so that he feels as comfortable as possible. It is then the promise of a well-deserved rest as well as beautiful naps near you!