5 essential tips for going on vacation with your dog

Soon the vacations, you can’t wait, we know it! Whether you go far away or not, there is no question of leaving your faithful companion at home or in a boarding kennel. These vacations will be with him or not. Have you packed your bags? Perfect! Now it’s time to pack for your dog, because yes, he needs his stuff too!
To help you, we propose a small list of the essentials not to be forgotten, for a vacation in all peace.

1/ Health first!

As prevention is better than cure, it is extremely important to take with you first aid equipment to enable you to intervene wherever you are: compresses, disinfectant, bandages, tick tweezers… You can also opt for a complete kit for dogs containing the essential first aid equipment.

For total safety, remember to check that your pet’s vaccinations are up to date, a mandatory requirement in some countries if you are traveling abroad.
Also, before your departure, treat your pet against internal and external parasites for more peace of mind.

It is also imperative to take your dog’s health record with you in case a veterinary consultation is necessary.
For more peace of mind, remember to note the contact information of the veterinarian closest to your vacation spot. You can also download the application SOS Pets on your phone : it locates you and indicates you the nearest open animal health professionals, extremely practical in case of emergency.

2/ You don’t change your eating habits !

Some dogs are better able to withstand change than others and, in addition to changing their place for a while, it is preferable not to upset all their habits, especially when it comes to their food. This concerns the reference of his usual food, but also the hours of distribution of the meals that it is important to preserve if it is possible.

As it is not excluded that his food is not available near your vacation place, it is better to take with you the food ration necessary for your whole vacation.

To travel a little lighter and provide your dog with water and food wherever you are, there are travel bowls and water bottles for dogs.

3/ Perfectly comfortable during the trip

No matter what mode of transportation you use, it’s important that your dog feels comfortable and safe. If your dog is stressed, there are anti-stress products that can help him relax and make his trip more pleasant and emotionally bearable.

When traveling by car, smaller dogs can be placed in a crate or bag. If you decide to have your dog travel in a car seat, there are safety harnesses available that have a buckle that fits into the seatbelt fastening system. It is important that your dog is not loose in the car, for your safety, but also for his in case of an accident or sudden braking.

The transport crates can be equipped with various comfort accessories, for example, bowls or water bowls to be fixed to the wall of the metal door, blanket, cushion or sheet so that your dog can lie down comfortably…

Finally, if you are traveling by public transportation, find out beforehand about the transportation conditions for animals. The regulations differ depending on the type of transport, but also on the size of your faithful companion.

4/ These favorite things to reassure him

Going on vacation means getting away from your usual routine, which can be a source of stress for some pets. In order to accompany your faithful companion gently in this temporary change, you can take in your luggage one or several of his favorite things: his blanket or his beloved toy, his grooming brush, the blanket where he likes to snuggle…
Familiar objects with his scent will help to soothe him, even if he is far from home.

5/ Nice walks with good accessories

Once you’ve arrived, the rhythm of the vacations gives way to beautiful walks with your dog in sometimes privileged landscapes.
For safe outings, you will have to take with you his collar or his walking harness, but also his leash.
Firstly, some places require dogs to be tied up and secondly, it is more reassuring to keep your dog close to you than to let him roam free in a non-habitual or even totally unknown walking area.