How do I maintain my dog’s white coat?

As dazzling as it is messy, white is a noble and pure color for a dog. The question arises as to how to care for a dog with a white coat in order to preserve the cleanliness of its coat, but also its fragile shine.

Cleaning certain areas

Even if your dog regularly walks around your house, he may be soiled by substances that are difficult to remove: nasal secretions, tear, saliva and food are substances that stain the animal in the long term. If you don’t decide to clean these few parts in particular, your pet may suffer after the wash.

Therefore, experts strongly advise regular cleaning of the nose, eyes and muzzle of the dog to get rid of these agents. As for the frequency, the beard and muzzle should be cleaned after meals, while the eyes and nose should be cleaned every night.

Although these are the main areas affected by dirt, you should not neglect the paws and genitals either. In this case, you’ll just have to clean these areas after his walk with dedicated products, such as dog cleaning wipes.

Avoid regular bathing

Usually, the first reflex of owners is to bathe their dog when they see dirt spots. However, this technique should no longer be on the list of essential things to do to remove a stain, as the skin of these animals remains too sensitive and too frequent grooming can lead to skin problems. Therefore, it should be washed only once or twice a month. Finally, we can also ask a groomer for advice on the frequency of cleaning adapted to the skin and coat of your faithful companion.

Favour brushing

If baths are to be banished from daily routines, brushing can be done without moderation to eliminate impurities. These impurities often tend to become embedded and stubborn if you don’t brush regularly. In addition to maintaining the white color of the coat, brushing adds shine and removes dead hair.

Buy shampoos and whitening products

Although regular bathing is not recommended, using the right products is still one of your obligations. If you want to preserve the beauty and shine of the white coat, the dog shampoo you select should have coat protectants.