Choosing the right dog treats

Dog treats are essential to your four-legged friend’s well-being. In addition to satisfying his sweet tooth, you’ll notice how ideal they are for positive training and keeping him fit. However, it is important to choose these little treats carefully.
Zoomalia offers you here a small guide to help you find the ideal treats for your pet.

Why give your dog treats?

Dogs are generally greedy animals who are not afraid to eat delicious cookies and treats. However, as much as you love to spoil your dog, it’s important not to give him these treats willy-nilly.

Treats: The essential rewards for positive education

A dog is an intelligent animal, which means that it can associate some of its actions with a gesture from you. Treats can be a great help in positive training.
For example, when you give him a command and he obeys, you can offer him a treat. He’ll associate your command with an action and he’ll understand that if he does it correctly, he’ll get a reward, a pet or a cookie.
This can also help with training, for example, to teach him to sit, you take a treat and place it above his head, if he wants to follow it with his eyes, he will be forced to sit. Don’t forget to say “sit” so that he can hold it. Once he’s settled, give him his cake. You’ll see that he’ll be eager to do it again. This gentle learning process is called positive parenting. It’s one of the best ways to train a pet without stressing him, because he’ll see it as a game. Plus, he’ll be happy to please you.

Promoting your dog’s well-being with treats

Treats are a great reward and training aid for your four-legged friend from an early age, but it’s important to know that these treats can also contribute to their daily well-being.
Indeed, puppies are real rascals who love to play and chew on everything they can find to get their teeth.
So, to avoid little annoyances such as holey slippers or torn plants, you can draw their attention to their toys by filling them with their favorite treats. He’ll spend time and get his teeth into things that are meant for that purpose, not your things.

Even after your dog’s training is complete, it’s important to keep him stimulated with physical and intellectual activities. Dog treats are a great help for these play times.

In addition to exercising, it will strengthen your bond with your four-legged friend and do him a world of good.
Be careful not to overdo the good stuff, though. It’s important to vary the rewards, and petting will also be much appreciated by your furry friend.

What dog treats should I choose?

It is advisable to choose treats that are adapted to your dog’s needs, taking into account his age, his health, his build and his daily energy expenditure.

Choose quality over quantity

It’s important to choose quality when buying cookies or candy for your dog. It is important to remember that the sins of humans are not the same as those of animals, which is why it is recommended to choose treats specifically for dogs.
For example, DENTROS and DENTASTIX sticks are of excellent quality. They promote good dental health and meet your pet’s nutritional requirements. They are made of the foods that dogs prefer and, in addition to satisfying their cravings, they will help your dog keep his teeth healthy and delay the appearance of tartar.

Treats adapted to your dog

Our online store offers a variety of dog treats that are adapted to your dog’s age, body type and daily needs.
In addition to DENTASTIX and DENTROS sticks, you can find snacks from the brands TRIXIE, 8in1, PURINA, DAILYS or DOG’S LOVE. These treats, which come in different sizes, make it easier to train your puppies. They are also ideal for rewarding your dog. Several packages are available and some are specific to the size of your four-legged friend.
Also available are a range of dog treats that will promote your pet’s health, for example, for better breath or a silky coat or treats specifically adapted for sensitive dogs.

Dog treats are a real treat for your dog’s taste buds, but it is strongly recommended that you follow the indicated rations and choose these treats according to your dog’s daily routine and physical activities to avoid weight gain, for example.