What fabric should I use for my dog’s bed?

When caring for your four-legged companion, you are always looking for the best comfort. But between the dog cushion, the basket or the dog mat, what choice should I make in terms of fabric? It is important to know that these dog bed references are not made with the same materials and do not offer the same advantages for your dog. Here are a few tips to help you make your choice easily.

What kind of fabrics are the beds on the market made of?

Dog baskets are references designed with very soft fabrics such as foam or polyester. They can be covered with synthetic fur or padding for maximum comfort.

Dog cushions are even softer and more comfortable because they are made of polyester or even goose or duck feathers for the most refined and luxurious models.

Finally, plush carpets can have different types of coverings such as synthetic fur or faux sheepskin so that they can benefit from an unequalled softness.

These products are studied to best meet the needs of dogs and to avoid all types of allergies with reliable and quality materials and fabrics.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of each?

Each fabric has its own advantages as well as its defects. Polyester, for example, is certainly inexpensive and offers good comfort but it can be dangerous for your companion. This is because polyester fibres are often made of gel and if the dog swallows them, it can cause serious health problems. It is therefore important that this material be well covered to avoid any danger.

False fur, on the other hand, does not represent any major danger for your pet and will be perfect to offer him a real cocoon and great warmth on winter evenings. Moreover, with this material, you will be able to find very trendy and original models to meet your expectations and requirements.

Cotton is also a very popular material for diapers and dog baskets. It is soft and robust and will allow you to maintain it easily because it goes through the washing machine without any problem.

Finally, the feathers for dog pillows are also of very high quality and all soft. You will just have to be careful that your dog does not fan his pillow to find you with feathers all over your house.

What type of fabric to choose?

In order to best meet your pet’s needs while ensuring its well-being and safety, it is advisable to choose a faux fur covering for a rug or basket so that it does not get injured with the plastic or to avoid polyester fibers. For the cushion, nothing is better than feathers even if foam can be a good compromise.