Christmas: Where to keep your dog?

How time flies… Christmas is coming soon and the family is going on vacation! Yes, but this year, Christmas is not happening at home and the trip with the doggie is not possible… But what to do ? There are many solutions for your dog to spend Christmas in peace! Discover Zoomalia’s tips to leave with a light heart…

A host family for Christmas…

With this principle, your dog will be pampered and always surrounded for this magical Christmas season… And who knows, maybe he will also get a gift?

All kinds of families offer this type of service, but very often, it is families that already own a pet. It is therefore highly recommended to meet the members of the household and the animals that live there, to make the right decision and ensure the well-being of your faithful companion.

If you opt for this solution, you will have to provide food and essential accessories (bowl, toys, baskets…) so that your companion can quickly find his bearings in his shelter.

Tariff level: it is necessary to count approximately 10 to 20$ per day. (Find the wamiz directory to find a host family)

A Christmas boarding house for doggie

If your dog likes company, is sociable and is not afraid of changing environments… This is the ideal solution!

However, offers abound and so do services. It is necessary to take your time, visit, compare before choosing the adapted pension. Also make sure that the professional has a certificate of competence “pets” awarded by the state.

Daily care, food and accommodation The infrastructure and equipment are entirely dedicated to the comfort and well-being of your pet . No worries, your faithful companion is in good hands!

Tariff level: between 10 and 20$ except for the luxurious pensions where prices can rise considerably! (Find the wamiz directory to find a pension)

A Christmas at home with the petsitter

Some animals are more sensitive than others to habitat changes and disruptions to daily routines. Another solution exists to help these anxious animals: home care!

The ideal is to entrust this task to someone you already know, such as a neighbor or a friend. However, during the holiday season, people are less available… In this case, why not hire a Petsitter? He will come to live with you while you are away and keep your dog company.

This kind of service can seem rather delicate since the petsitter comes to live with you. It is therefore essential to have total trust in this person and not everyone is bad! To test the person, you can very well organize a test for a few hours and see if the feeling passes.

The petsitter, in addition to feeding your pet with its daily ration, will gladly take care of the daily walks and playful distractions.

Fee level: the approved petsitters have a certificate of ability “pets” awarded by the State. It is necessary to foresee a hundred euros for 1 to 4 days. You should also know that there are petsitters who offer their service free of charge on specialized sites.

For cats you can have access to the same services, just make sure you get the right information beforehand to prepare your pet’s Christmas vacations.