Discover the adorable cat Kuli, one-eyed and surfing

Here is a unique cat. Contrary to many of his fellow cats, Kuli is not afraid of water. On the contrary, he even spends since more than a year most of his time surfing on the beaches of Hawaii alone like a big one or on the back of his happy owners.

Kuli was adopted when he weighed only 450 grams. At only four months old, his left eye had to be removed because of an infection. To help treat his condition, his two mistresses made him take regular baths. The cat became so acclimatized to the water that they decided to share their passion with him by introducing him to surfing at the age of six months. Since then, he can be seen regularly accompanying his owners, Alexandra and Krista, to the sea in their beach bag.

“His first time in the water, we let him float on the board all alone near the shore, paddling next to him. Before he could swim alone with confidence, we always put a lifejacket on him. He still puts it on from time to time depending on the weather, but we are careful not to let him out if there is too much wind or too many waves,” says Alexandra.

While she was taking her cat surfing with her on her longboards, she realized that Kuli loved to stick her claws into the foam of her bodyboard. So her owners gave him his own board so he could surf independently! Follow the exploits of this four-legged surfer on his Instagram page.