When to vaccinate my cat?

A veterinary gesture strongly recommended in order to take care of your cat’s health, having him vaccinated from his youngest age, and during his whole life on a regular basis, allows to protect him from some serious, even potentially fatal diseases. What are the essential vaccines and how often do they occur? What about my indoor cat? We answer your questions.

What are the essential vaccines?

In general, cats are vaccinated against three diseases: coryza, leukemia and typhus. In some cases, he may be immunized against rabies.

  • Coryza : it is a complex disease, very contagious, but also very common. It affects the respiratory tract in particular.
  • Leucosis: a deadly virus that evolves over several years and whose form varies from one individual to another. It is transmitted from cat to cat by sexual and blood routes and concerns mainly outdoor cats.
  • Typhus: a particularly resistant infectious disease with an important mortality rate. It is translated by digestive disorders: strong diarrhoea, vomiting leading to dehydration and important depression.
  • Rabies: present in saliva, rabies is transmitted by bite from one sick animal to another, or even to humans. Neurotropic, it affects the brain via the nervous system.

This vaccine is mandatory for felines traveling abroad.

Should I have my indoor cat vaccinated?

If it is a strict indoor cat, the fact that it is not in contact with other cats means that the risk of it developing certain diseases is lower.
However, some diseases do not require contact with other cats in order to be contracted: this is the case for coryza and feline typhus.
Thus, in order to ensure an ideal protection to your cat, vaccines are still recommended.

How often should I be vaccinated?

A weaned kitten can be vaccinated at the earliest from 8 weeks of age against coryza, leucosis and typhus. Before that, the antibodies transmitted by the nursing cat protect him against diseases.
The primary vaccination of the kitten is often done in several injections.

For the rabies vaccine, the minimum age required is 3 months.

Once your pet is an adult, it is necessary to renew its vaccines in order to guarantee a good immune resistance. The dates to respect are established according to the vaccination calendar specified by your veterinarian and mentioned on your feline’s health record.