My cats don’t get along!

Whether it’s recent conflicts due to the arrival of a new cat at home or tensions that have been going on for some time between two animals, it’s sometimes difficult to keep the peace between the felines in the same household! However, there are a few tips and solutions that can help you create a harmonious and peaceful atmosphere.

Why are my cats aggressive with each other?

Problems of cohabitation between cats are frequent and appear most often when a new cat arrives in the home while the feline already present considered itself as the exclusive house of the premises. For the cat, group life is unnatural and a source of conflict and competition.

Very territorial and not very social, it can be complicated for a cat to share its living space with another of its congeners, with the exception of individuals who have grown up together or a pasha with a sociable character.

The signs of misunderstanding are characteristic, from the most discreet to the most visible: avoidance, intimidation, shouts, fires, blocking, threats, chases, fights.

Also, conflicts are observed in particular in households with 2 or 3 cats.

How to ease tensions between cats?

Organize their territory well

It is important that the resources essential to cats be present in different places in the house so that each feline can enjoy its own space.
This includes food and water bowls, sleeping areas, litter boxes and scratching posts.
If these resources are lacking or inaccessible because there are not enough of them, it can cause stress and tension, especially if the cats have to compete with each other. It is therefore important to multiply the feeding and sleeping places and the marking supports.

Get the behavior right

Although it may seem easier said than done, it is important not to punish or intervene if you catch your cats in the middle of an aggressive display (fighting, yelling, growling…).
This is a way for them to communicate, so by cutting them off, you risk creating frustration. It is important to let them manage their conflicts by themselves and not to force contact.