The water fountain for cats: what is its use?

For the well-being and comfort of your cat, there are many items and accessories to make him the happiest of felines: cozy beds, fun toys, quality food … But have you paid attention to the products specially dedicated to his hydration? In response to this, you must certainly think of the traditional water bowl that you just have to fill with water, but whose quality deteriorates after a few days, and that you then have to change tirelessly… However, this system is not to the taste of all owners, and of all felines! That’s when the cat water fountain comes in to revolutionize his daily hydration, as much for you as for him!

How does the cat water fountain work?

Like an automatic kibble dispenser, the water fountain is a high-tech product that plugs into an electrical outlet. Its purpose? To provide your feline with clean, fresh and constantly renewed water in order to promote hydration, which is essential for the proper functioning of his body and for his health in general.

Water fountains are composed of different elements

  • a water tank whose quantity expressed in liters is more or less important according to the models,
  • a pump ensuring the circulation and the good oxygenation of water,
  • one or more filters that guarantee the cleanliness of the water by retaining impurities that can alter its quality, such as dust or hair, and dissuade your pet from drinking,
  • a bowl in which the water is evacuated to allow your cat to drink.

The maintenance of this device is simple: you just have to watch the level of water in the tank and maintain the filter(s) that should be changed regularly, for the good filtration of the water.

Why give one to your cat?

The water fountain offers many advantages, including the preservation of your pet’s health.

Urinary and kidney problems are not uncommon in cats and can occur with age or following sterilization. It is therefore necessary to take care of them and promote their proper functioning, especially if you feed your cat mostly or exclusively with dry food, in other words, kibbles. To do this, there’s nothing like drinking enough water to dilute urine, increase its volume and limit the formation of stones.

The water fountain attracts the cat and encourages it to drink, which is not necessarily the case with a simple bowl where the water remains stagnant. This product is therefore perfect for cats who do not drink much.

At the same time, you can offer your cat a wet food composed of 80% water, which has the advantage of hydrating your cat without him really noticing it! Very appetizing, your feline will not resist it! This tip is particularly useful for a cat that doesn’t drink enough, even though it is necessary for its good health, or in summer when temperatures are high, but it doesn’t drink more than it should.

Finally, it is a stand-alone product and even if you are away for a few hours or days, you can be sure that your cat can properly hydrate while you are away with clean, fresh water.