How to choose the bedding for my cat?

Our cat friends spend a large part of their days sleeping, and this, from a very young age. It is therefore essential to find the right place and the right sleeping method to satisfy their needs and let them rest in peace, comfort and safety!
Several factors come into play when choosing a cat bed: in addition to its age, size and weight, the cat can also choose by itself the place where it will like to rest! It is therefore advisable to let him rest where he wants, on different types of bedding, depending on the time of day, his mood, or his desire. Generally, cats prefer places sheltered from draughts, warm and high places, where they can enjoy observing the surroundings. From the simplest blanket to the most comfortable hammock, let’s take a look at the many choices available to owners to welcome these little fur balls, and make the best choice.

The orthopedic bed: A beautiful innovation: the memory foam mattress, as its name indicates, brings the same virtues as memory foam mattresses for humans: it adapts perfectly to the cat’s morphology, while guaranteeing him a restful sleep, and even prevents him from certain pains, by relieving his joints and muscles. It is the ideal option for cats of a certain age and weight, thus promoting a healthy and restful rest. But the orthopedic bed is also suitable for small kittens, who will gladly take a restful break before setting off on new adventures.

The bed: A little more sophisticated and elegant than the orthopedic mattress, the cat bed is a good option for high sleeping. Comfortable and aesthetically pleasing, they are suitable for all cats and coordinate with their owners’ decor.

The blanket: For a cozy little nap, delicately placed on the living room armchair, or as a supplement to the bedding in place, the cat blanket, or plaid, is available in several models, each softer than the next.

The cushion: Of different shapes, with edges, the range of choice for the cushions of bedding for cat is very wide. The cat cushion is very practical, since it can easily be moved from one room to another, for small afternoon naps in the living room, or in the bedroom at night to enjoy a well-deserved night with his pet. There are also window cushions, which can allow the cat to rest in peace, high above the radiator, without missing anything of the landscape or the soft warmth of the sun’s rays…

The basket: Just like the cat cushions, the basket remains a safe value for the cat’s bedding. Available in different shapes and for all morphologies (small kittens or big cats), the cat basket easily adapts to the interior and decoration of the house, and ensures a soft cocoon for your feline where it feels good to lounge.

The cat house: Preferred for outdoor naps, the cat house allows cats to rest, but also to observe the surroundings without being seen! Ideal for adventurous cats who wish to make their cat house a place of observation and relaxation!

The kennel: For cats who like to hide, out of sight, the kennel for cat is a good option, which ensures calm, comfort, and softness. It comes in several models and several materials (wicker, fabric, but also plastic or even wood). The colors, but also the shapes, the different materials, make this sleeping option the best, combining design and comfort.

The hammock: Comfortably curled up in its hammock, suspended for example from the radiator, on a balcony, or placed on the ground, the cat will appreciate resting in this modern, design, and so original bed !

The choice of a cat bed is not easy, as there are so many possibilities, each one more cozy than the other! So it is preferable to observe the habits of your cat, to locate the places where it likes to rest, and to adapt accordingly the mode of bedding, according to the morphology of your cat, but also to the taste of your masters!