Are you interested in a terrarium? Do you want to adopt a slightly different pet? You want to start a terrarium and you don’t know which species of reptiles to choose? Discover our top 3 of the simplest reptiles to breed to start serenely.

Know your reptile’s needs

Lizard, gecko, snake… There are several species of reptiles, always born in captivity, which could suit you especially if you are a novice. However, it is essential to know the biotype of your future animal before adopting it. Find out about your animal’s particular heat, humidity and lighting conditions to provide it with the environment best suited to its needs. Once at home, you will need to reproduce its natural habitat as well as possible and provide it with an appropriate diet. The choice of the terrarium is therefore essential before you decide.

The lizard, ideal for starting a terrarium hobby.

The lizard is a reptile species that is easy to keep in captivity. Rather active, lizards have great adaptability to different environments. Most often, they feed on insects and are the kings of camouflage. Some species are recommended for beginners: the Pogona or bearded dragon is a small lizard with a soft character, rather omnivorous. The green water dragon is also very sociable. Just like the green anolis, a very curious diurnal species, which likes a tropical type of terrarium. A daily water spray is essential.

The gecko, a perfect pet

The gecko is a fascinating reptile species, which is easy to handle and does not require a large terrarium. On the other hand, it is a rather nocturnal animal that has a carnivorous diet of cockroaches, silkworms or crickets. The leopard gecko is the most popular and the easiest to breed because it requires a small terrarium and a minimum of care.

The snake, an animal with a long life expectancy

Adopting a snake is the result of a deeper reflection. You must indeed take into account its diet, its physical aspect, its character and its life expectancy but also your lifestyle and your budget. As such, the sand snake or pantherophis guttatus is the snake that requires the least experience. One mouse per week is enough to feed it. In the terrarium, the thermostat is essential to ensure a good temperature in the hot and cold zones that the animal needs.