How do I teach my dog to be alone?

The dog is a very sociable animal which can be particularly close to its family, it can thus be difficult for him to separate from it and to remain alone, even for a short time. Loneliness is inevitable and sometimes difficult to bear, so it is advisable to teach your dog to stay alone for his well-being, but also for your peace of mind!

Just like walking on a leash or housetraining, learning to be alone is not necessarily innate in dogs. For the good balance of your pet, you should not underestimate its importance. If he doesn’t know how to be alone, this can generate a state of anxiety that can have many repercussions and lead to more or less serious behavioral problems.

My dog can’t stand being alone, if, in my absence :

  • He barks excessively or howls to death
  • He behaves in a destructive way
  • He becomes unclean
  • He seems depressed, even depressive

When should I teach my dog to be alone?

Whatever his age, your faithful companion must learn as soon as possible to be alone. If he has just arrived in your home, it is important not to cover him up too much from the very first days and to offer him a constant presence, a presence to which he may get used, only to suffer from your sudden absence once your usual rhythm of life has returned.

At the beginning, it is important to react in a progressive way, by starting with short outings, then longer and longer.

A dog’s solitude: the right attitude

When you are about to go out, it is important not to repeat the same gestures mechanically: let him out, take your things, say goodbye… Your dog may quickly identify these habits and associate them with your imminent departure, which may generate anxiety in him. Your departure should not be a marked and ritualized act, but something completely normal.

Also, it is important not to give him too much attention during the moments before your departure, at the risk of making the separation all the more difficult after beautiful moments of tenderness and sharing. Instead, leave him free to do his own thing and remember to offer him something to occupy himself and rest: his favorite toy, his bed…

In short, the important thing is to act in a natural and relaxed way, and above all, not to feel guilty at the idea of leaving him alone!