5 reasons to hire a dog sitter in your absence

We would like to be able to take our little protégé everywhere we go. However, going to work or going on vacation with a dog requires a certain amount of organization and availability that is not always possible. The good news is that there are reliable and local solutions, for the well-being of your dog (and yours!) when you are away. Why dogsitting is the sweet alternative to kennels? We tell you everything!

Your fur ball does not like solitude!

Despite the fact that your pooch needs company, love and entertainment on a daily basis, it is common to see dogs left to their own devices for days on end, or spending their vacations in a sad kennel cage. Of course, work days can be long and busy, and dogfriendly places to stay during the vacations are sometimes scarce.
But the risk of loneliness for your best friend is not to be taken lightly, in the sense that it can cause him intense emotional suffering.

If your dog has a penchant for habitat destruction, littering, excessive barking, or exhibits rough or fearful behavior, ask yourself if he or she is getting enough mental and physical stimulation. Your dog needs regular walks, activities and social interaction, which are essential to his health and happiness.

To alleviate his boredom, solutions exist such as interactive toys, visits from neighbors, custody at the family … Or, call an experienced dog-sitter and near you in internet.

Your dogsitter is your dog’s super nanny!

A dogsitter is someone ready to give all his time and his love to make your furry one feel as happy as possible in your absence. Moreover, all the dogsitters on internet have been approved, rated and evaluated by other users.

Moreover, you will be informed and reassured at any time of the well-being of Medor thanks to the photos, videos and follow-ups of the dog’s walks. Your pet will be well looked after and will not have time to get bored, especially when the dog sitter receives other dogs. It is then an excellent way for him to socialize and to let off steam if he meets his furry friends at the dog sitter’s.

Need to exercise? Here is the perfect sports coach for your furry!

The Internet offers different services: dog walking, day care and 24 hours accommodation. It’s ideal to have your dog watched and walked during the day, when you don’t have time to do so. A 5/10 min leash trip to pee/poo is not enough for your dog to let off steam and keep fit. A dog that has had enough exercise, physically and mentally, is wiser, calmer and happier. No more boredom and anxiety, you’ll see only benefits from increasing your dog’s physical activity.

A loving home and secure care

Do the words kennels and boarding make your hair stand on end? So do we! That’s why hiring a dogsitter is ideal during the vacations. While you’re away, your pooch needs a warm and caring home. In addition, all the guards are covered by veterinary insurance and civil liability. Thanks to The internet, no panic, you can go away with peace of mind.

Find your dog sitter in 3 clicks and near your home!

With Internet you can easily search among hundreds of dog-sitters nearby, the ideal person of confidence. Choose the service you need, select your dates then browse through the different ads. Furthermore, it is easy to compare the price of dog sitters and their experience, and book a dog sitter online, in complete security.

On the internet, you can find the right person for your dog, or become a dog sitter and earn money by taking care of your furballs.