6 good reasons to take your dog with you this holiday season

Happy dog owner, you are going to celebrate the end of the year holidays at the home of relatives or acquaintances, but you hesitate to bring your faithful companion with you?
We are certain that the party will be even better with your dog! To convince you, we give you 6 good reasons to invite your dog to be part of the party!

  1. A good reason to leave early

If the atmosphere of the party is not to your liking, your faithful companion can be your perfect alibi to end it prematurely. “My dog is not really in his mood, I prefer to go home so that he can be calmer…”. Just slip away, and bingo!

  1. Be the star of the party

Your faithful companion is absolutely adorable and you know it! Inviting him to accompany you at your party is the assurance to attract all the eyes towards this beautiful duet that you form! Put on your best smile and shine!

  1. A topic of conversation of choice

If you’re going to a party where you don’t know many of the guests, your dog will make it easier for you to approach people and break the ice! You will be able to start exciting conversations about his favorite toy, his favorite habits or even his biggest mistakes…!

  1. The best possible babysitting method

You don’t want to leave your dog alone at home and you don’t want to/can’t have him babysat either? Inviting him to your party is the best solution! Your pet will be delighted to spend a happy evening with you and you will be totally reassured to know that he is with you.

  1. He won’t get bored

At the center of everyone’s attention, your faithful companion will be pampered like never before and will be the object of a mountain of caresses and cuddles! What could be more pleasant for him?

  1. Your most beautiful weapon of seduction

Finally, your four-legged best friend has the power to facilitate exchanges and multiply your power of attraction, it’s proven! If you are single, the end of the year holidays could bring you luck, so keep an eye out!