I have fleas in my house!

Because of the heat of the summer days, fleas are more and more active outside, but also in your home, if they have managed to get in. When you notice this infestation, it’s time to react quickly and eliminate them with force by respecting 4 essential steps!

1/ Treat your animals as a priority

Your pets are the favorite meal of adult fleas, so it is important to treat them all, first, with the antiparasitic insecticide device of your choice: pipette, collar or spray. This should be done simultaneously and without exception, even if you don’t see fleas on any of your pets. In case of heavy infestation, brush their coat and give them a good bath with an anti-flea shampoo beforehand to eliminate as many as possible before treating them.

2/ Clean your home

Vacuum every nook and cranny to eliminate adult fleas, but also the immature forms that lodge everywhere in your home. If they can be washed in the washing machine, clean all your pets’ belongings on high heat: baskets, plaids, blankets …. Also sanitize all the furnishing fabrics with which they may have been in contact: sofa covers, carpets, bed linen, curtains… If machine washing is not possible, vacuum and clean with a steamer or treat with flea spray.

3/ Don’t give up and be patient

Getting rid of fleas is a long-term battle that can only be won through regularity and perseverance. It is therefore necessary to clean your environment frequently by vacuuming very regularly, cleaning upholstery and linens more than usual, but also by renewing the antiparasitic treatment of your pets once they have reached their term.

4/ A radical solution: fumigation

If, despite all your efforts, the infestation is so bad that you can’t get rid of it, opt for a fogger. This is an automatic diffuser that, once activated, spreads a cloud of insecticide in your home to eradicate the pests. Attention, it is a product to be used with certain precautions, hence the perfect respect of the instructions for use.