A canine yoga class brings together 270 dogs

Photo credit: Reuters

In Hong Kong, a yoga class for dogs brought together more than 270 couples, setting a new world record: the largest gathering of doggy yogis to date.

Doga”, short for dog yoga in English, is a discipline that consists, for dog-owning couples, of having their canine companion take a whole series of postures aimed at relaxing it: massage, twisting, stretching… According to doga teacher Suzette Ackerman, “doga” is an excellent way to develop a strong bond with your animal.

“People in Hong Kong are very busy at work, they work 24 hours a day. Many of them have pets but they usually pay people to walk their dogs. So [the doga] allows you to have at least one hour of communication with your pet. Just you and your pet,” she explains.

One of the day’s participants, Susan Chan, says she was pleased to be able to participate in this new record with her dog Sunshine and hopes to continue practicing this discipline. “I feel really, really good. It’s like a very close relationship with my dog. I liked the fact that I felt close to him, his heart against mine”. Another participant, Beatrice Tang, is happy that her dog was able to meet hundreds of other dogs.

Although this record has not yet been confirmed by the Guinness Book of Records, the organizers believe that a new record has indeed been set. The previous record for the world’s largest “doga” course was set just one year ago, in January 2015, in San Diego, in the presence of 265 couples and their dogs.