Edutainment toys: gadget or real use for my dog?

Edutainment toys for dogs: gadget or real utility?

Dogs are sociable and intelligent animals that need stimulation and interaction to develop and feel good about themselves. And it is well known that a dog that feels good in his paws is the guarantee of a harmonious relationship, without conflict, where everyone finds his place. No more howling, no more nonsense in the house, the dog is in perpetual expectation of attention and caresses while our human obligations keep us busy elsewhere.

With the arrival of winter and its unpleasant weather, long walks are becoming rare and with them all these long moments rich in new canine and human encounters and the search for new smells to identify. Result: our dogs get bored.

Indeed, if for our hairy companions it is not a problem to walk in the wet countryside and to come back soaked to the bones with mud in their paws, for us the prospect of a walk under an icy wind and the boots in the mud is not very motivating!

Another solution is available to you. What if you tried to occupy your dog with an edutainment game?

What’s an edutainment toy? How does it work?

In short, it’s the dog’s board game, the one with which you can share a playful moment with your canine friend in the warmth of your own home.

Whatever game you choose, the principle remains the same. The game consists of a board, with or without levels, with places, more or less difficult to access, in which you will hide your doggie’s favorite treats. It’s up to him to find them! For that, he will have to use his sense of smell, his sight and all his ingenuity.

This type of exercise will work your dog’s neurons, forcing him to settle down and think about the best way to access his treat. The excited dog will learn self-control and the usually flat-footed dog will find an energy boost just for the sake of the treat. It’s up to you to coach him, give him leads, get his attention back and especially to congratulate him as soon as he is on the right track. You will be amazed to see what happiness this interaction with your dog will bring to both of you.

How to choose the right edutainment game for your dog?

There are more and more edutainment games on the market. One of the first brands to be launched is the games designed by Nina OTTOSSON. Other manufacturers have followed, such as the German brand TRIXIE for example, which offers a varied range with games of different levels and complexity.

In any case, faced with the existing choices, you will probably find THE ideal game for your doggie and it is a good bet that you will quickly be eager to test others in the face of its overwhelming enthusiasm.

Even more surprising is to see how this work of concentration proves to be as exhausting as a game of throwing balls outdoors.

So, the edutainment game for dogs: gadget or useful game?

USEFUL for sure!

It’s the ideal way to :

  • Strengthen your relationship with your doggie
  • To teach him concentration and self-control
  • Work on skills such as “sit”, “don’t move”, “wait”, etc.
  • Let him express his instincts with the search for food.