The fins of my Betta Fish are tearing, what to do?

In the aquarium world, fin rot is a very common disease in bettas due to the size of their fins. If you have a betta, it is almost certain that one day you will have to deal with this disease, which is fortunately very easy to treat if treated in time.

In mild cases

In mild cases, it is not necessary to resort to medication.
When the disease is in its infancy, it is not clear whether it is present or not. It happens very often to some people to look at the fins of their betta and to have the feeling that they are less beautiful than normal, which often indicates a beginning of fin rot. But this may not be the case either. However, it is best not to take any chances and give your fish a very mild and very effective treatment.

The treatment consists of improving the water quality of the aquarium.
To improve the water quality, you will need to make more partial water changes than normal. For one week, you will do a partial water change of 30-40% every other day. With this, you will greatly improve the water quality, which will be a great help to your betta in fighting disease.
Also, be very careful with the temperature by making sure it doesn’t drop during water changes. You can heat it to the recommended temperature (27 degrees) or you can add it very gradually.

In more severe cases

When the disease is already in a higher state and is obvious, then it should be medicated. It first affects the edge of the fins and will spread inwards. If the disease reaches the body of your Betta Fish, it will affect its internal organs.

For treatment in this case, you will need a hospital aquarium. To cure fin rot, you can use a broad spectrum antibacterial.

To use it, simply follow the instructions in the package insert to add the appropriate dose to the aquarium. Be sure to change the water (dechlorinated) every day, and add the correct dose of medication.

While the betta is in the hospital aquarium, take the opportunity to improve the water quality of the main aquarium.