How do I protect my chickens in winter?

Winter is a harsh season, especially for outdoor animals like chickens. However, there are some simple tips you can use to keep your chickens more comfortable on cold days!

1/ A well-insulated chicken coop

This is a place of choice that must meet three conditions: it must be waterproof, insulated from the cold and protected from humidity. Although chickens are not afraid of the cold, they are sensitive to draughts and humidity. It is therefore essential that the structure of the hen house is well protected, without however exempting it from good ventilation. Finally, the litter on the floor must always remain dry, otherwise it indicates poor insulation.

2/ A cozy resting place

In winter, chickens like to be able to lay eggs or rest in the warmth. So be generous with the quantity and quality of the straw that makes up their nests!

For more comfort, in case of several days of negative temperatures, you can install a heating lamp in the henhouse: this will allow the birds to warm up and boost their laying, which is much less important in winter.

3/ Enriched food

Help your little protégés to better face winter by enriching their daily diet with vitamins and proteins. To do this, you can offer them dry bread rehydrated in water, dried worms, or even your table scraps such as starchy foods, legumes, meat or fish.

4/ Water always available

In winter, the main risk is the freezing of the water outside. So be very careful with this parameter so that you can constantly offer your chickens clean water that is frequently renewed.