Cat: Top 3 of its weirdest behaviors!

The cat is a captivating animal. Majestic, imperial, narcissistic and hedonistic: he fascinates you day after day! However, even if you’ve been living under the same roof for a long time, he still has the gift of leaving you perplexed. Why is he cuddly and then suddenly aggressive? Why does he hide in inaccessible places? But what’s going on in his head? Discover our top 3 most zany behaviors and attitudes of this enigmatic little feline finally explained and demystified!

1/ For no reason, he bites you suddenly!

You are comfortably installed on your sofa. Pépère is on your lap, purring with pleasure. You scratch him affectionately. And suddenly, without warning, he attacks you! Don’t worry, he’s not having a temporary fit of madness! He is simply at the height of his pleasure! In the nature, the felines show their excitement by biting. The cat does the same with her kittens as a sign of affection. Enjoy the gesture: your cat loves you and makes you feel it!

2/ He loves to sneak into unlikely corners

You’ve prepared an adorable little nest for him at the foot of your sofa. But no! Don’t take it the wrong way, he prefers to take up residence on the highest shelf in the living room… Don’t take it as an affront. Remember that your cat is above all a feline. His instinct naturally guides him to isolated places, where no one can disturb him. This same instinct will also lead him to crawl into a drawer, under a piece of furniture or at the back of a cupboard. It is in small and confined spaces that he feels the most secure.

3/ He makes you macabre offerings

What a horrible discovery! This morning, your adorable fur ball left a bloody smile on your doorstep. Proud and full of pride, he’s sitting next to the wretched creature and waiting for your reaction. Rejoice! Your companion has just given you a magnificent gift. He shows you once again his attachment. But the nightmare doesn’t end there: Kitty is playing with his prey! He catches it, throws it, pats it: he tortures it relentlessly until he loses interest in it. Once again, this attitude can be explained. Before the cat was domesticated, it was a small, vulnerable feline. He had to control his grip. Your friendly cat is not sadistic, he’s protecting himself!

Take the time to observe your companion. Some cats sort their kibble, others prefer to dip their paw in their water bowl rather than stick their snout in it, most of them bite and trample their master or their fellow cats. You will certainly have the feeling of living with a real UFO… who will soon become indispensable in your life!