Why put a collar on my cat?

Although cats don’t usually walk on a leash like dogs, it is common to see a cat wearing a collar. This is a sign that the animal has an owner and is not a stray. In addition to the obligations, there are a number of uses for adding this accessory to your cat. So, why put a collar on your cat?

Cat identification: safety first

Generally speaking, the collar is an accessory that enhances the cat’s safety since it allows him to be identified more quickly and easily. Indeed, adding the owner’s name and phone number to the cat’s collar is very useful if the animal gets lost and disappears. It is then easier to find him. Collars in the form of a medal are designed for this purpose and considerably increase the cat’s safety. Attention: it is advisable to avoid writing the name of the cat on the collar so as not to facilitate the appropriation of the animal by a stranger.

Protection against parasites

If the cat’s safety can be guaranteed with a collar to facilitate identification, the anti-chip collar is beneficial for chasing away parasites. This type of collar is specifically designed to repel fleas and other pests such as ticks. Generally based on essential oils, the lifespan of an anti-parasite collar is variable depending on the model and is generally a few months, rarely exceeding half a year. It is also important to pay attention to the characteristics of the collar to see if it is suitable for the cat. Some elements contained in the accessory can indeed be harmful to the animal because of the insecticides often present.

Avoid leakage

On the other hand, a collar can also be used to prevent a cat from running away. When the collar is combined with a leash, it becomes easier to move around with your cat, whether on a walk or on a trip. Large, unfamiliar or crowded areas can be not only frightening for the cat, leading it to fear and run away, but can also make it more difficult to find your pet if it gets lost. A collar and leash is the ideal solution for this type of situation. It is strongly recommended to use a collar and a leash especially when the animal is young and not used to being outside.

Thus, although a collar is not absolutely and officially necessary for a cat, it is strongly recommended to add this accessory to the neck of your pet because of the many advantages revealed above. The collar guarantees not only safety through easier identification, but also the protection of the animal in all points. It is important to note that the models of collars are vast and that there are some for all the tastes.