Why install an insect hotel in my garden?

Overexploited, nature is in danger all over the world. The decline of wild life is reflected in the disappearance of animal and plant species, on land and in the seas. If it is easy to alert public opinion when an emblematic species like the Bengal tiger or the giant panda is threatened, it is less obvious to draw attention to the disappearance of insects. Yet, their survival is essential to the health of our ecosystem. To welcome them in your garden in good conditions, you can install an insect hotel.

To save the birds, save the insects!

In the summer, high temperatures put all living beings, humans, animals and plants, to a severe test. All species are directly affected by the drought which makes them lose access to water. But did you know that birds are also starved during heat waves? The insect populations they feed on collapse when streams and ponds dry up. To help the birds, you should provide them with water bowls, but also encourage the presence of insects in your garden.

Insects work for us

Insects tirelessly take advantage of the summer to pollinate plants. Without them, there would be no fruit in the orchard, but not only that. In fact, 80% of plants depend on insects for their reproduction since they are fertilized by the transport of pollen from one flower to another. The bee is the most famous of the pollinating insects, but there are also thousands of species that work discreetly for nature. Therefore, it is futile to try to classify insects according to their usefulness to man. All insects have a role to play in the cycle of life!

Acting at your own level

Each of us can act at his or her level by encouraging the presence of insects. You can install the plants preferred by foraging insects in your garden or on your balcony, such as phacelia, mallow, poppy, marigold and daisy. Banish from your little corner of nature phytosanitary products that are harmful to insects. There are natural alternatives to toxic products, such as manual weeding, the use of purins, black soap or baking soda. Not to mention tolerance of “weeds” which is certainly the first ecological gesture to adopt in your garden!
Finally, welcome insects into your home by installing an insect hotel. Fun and aesthetic, it will be a point of attraction in your garden. You will take the opportunity to talk about the protection of biodiversity with your friends. An awareness-raising operation that can also be carried out with children!

In conclusion, the presence of insects in your environment has an essential impact on the plants and animals that live there. Pollinating insects allow plants to reproduce and are an important source of food for birds, amphibians and fish. To combat the decline of birds and frogs, it is therefore imperative to protect insect populations. Be welcoming to insects by setting aside a small area of your property that you leave uncultivated, by gardening organically, and by installing an insect hotel and a watering hole. Your reward will be delicious fruit and beautiful flowers. Not to mention the birds singing and the bees and butterflies dancing from one flower to another this summer!