Why does my rabbit sneeze?

For some time now, you have noticed that your rabbit has been sneezing. At first, it may seem cute, but you should know that it is not harmless. In fact, it can reveal a serious problem with your rodent.

What causes his sneezing?

There are several factors involved, so you need to pay attention to its living environment to determine where the symptoms come from.

The environment or an allergy

Environmental and allergic causes can be at the origin of sneezing:

  • Poor crate layout, exposing your pet to sudden changes in air and temperature, for example
  • Dusty hay or a change in hay.
  • Accumulation of dirt that can make your rabbit’s sinuses fragile.
  • The smell of perfumes or cigarettes in your home is part of your rabbit’s environment and can therefore influence its health.

These different causes can lead to irritation of the respiratory tract if you do not remedy them quickly enough and, in the worst case, lead to an infection that would require the intervention of a veterinarian.

Respiratory disease

Rabbits get cold easily and can develop respiratory diseases. It can be a rhinitis caused by bacteria or an allergy, which, if not treated properly, can become a pasteurellosis which is a serious and contagious disease. Finally, your rabbit’s sneezing may also be due to coryza, a disease that is difficult to treat and that manifests itself by a yellow and thick nasal discharge.

What should I do if my rabbit sneezes?

To stop your rabbit’s sneezing, you must first take care of his living environment. If, despite this, the sneezing persists, make an appointment with a specialist who will be able to determine the medical causes of the sneezing and prescribe the appropriate treatment.

Rearrange your living space

You should keep the litter box clean by regularly cleaning your pet’s living space. Make sure your rabbit’s cage is well ventilated to avoid moisture accumulation due to urine. Opt for a cage with bars, as it allows for good ventilation. The position of the cage in the room also has an impact on the temperature. It should not be placed too close to a heat source such as a radiator, or a bay window exposed to sunlight.

Consult a veterinarian

When your rabbit’s sneezing becomes more frequent and repetitive, make an appointment with your veterinarian to have it examined. Your veterinarian may prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs or antibiotics, depending on the case.