Which litter box for my cat?

Choosing the right litter box and litter tray is a major issue for all cat owners. The feline is an extremely clean animal and quite demanding regarding its hygiene. Therefore, it is essential to offer him accessories that will satisfy him on a daily basis.

The different types of litter boxes

First of all, there are two main types of litter trays: the so-called “classic” litter tray and the toilet house.

The traditional litter box consists of a hard plastic tray with high edges. These have several advantages: they can be well filled and prevent the cat from scattering litter everywhere when scratching. It is the simplest and least expensive product. This type of litter box can have several dimensions to be adapted to the cat’s size. There are small kitten trays, which are of course not suitable for an adult cat.

The toilet house is a slightly more aesthetic and complete accessory. It consists of a plastic tray to hold the litter and a high lid with a design similar to that of a house. In order to push the resemblance, it includes a door with or without a cat flap. Its main advantage is that it retains odours better than the classic litter box.
Also, this product is available in larger sizes to adapt to large breeds of cats or when there are several felines in a household.

Also, both types of litter boxes are available in self-cleaning versions for your comfort. There are also products in different shapes: square, oval, rectangle or corner to adapt to your home and not lose any space.

Tray or toilet house?

It will depend on your cat!

In nature, cats relieve themselves in the open and can observe what is going on around them, so some cats do not appreciate being “locked up” in a toilet without a view of the surroundings, while others appreciate the privacy offered.

The simplest choice appears to be the traditional litter box, but unfortunately it is not very aesthetic and lets your cat’s feces and the odors that accompany them appear in broad daylight.

If you wish to test the litter box, you should know that the lid can be removed to facilitate its maintenance. If your cat is not comfortable with this type of product, you can remove the lid and use only the tray. Also, removing the cat flap, if the house has one, allows your cat to see the outside while he does his business.

Our advice :

  • The number one criterion in choosing the litter box is to take into account the size of your cat. He must be able to move perfectly in the litter box, especially when turning and scratching.
  • If you have several cats, the ideal is to have a litter box for each one.
  • The self-cleaning criteria depends only on you and your maintenance ability. Be aware that it is essential to offer your pet a clean litter, otherwise your pet may become unclean if it is not.
  • As for the color, treat yourself!