Which filter for my aquarium?

There are different types of filtering, but what are they used for? Our editorial staff wanted to inform you through a “comparative aquarium filtration”, simple and effective intended for all aquarium lovers.

Before the “comparative aquarium filtration”, it is necessary to understand its importance.

A fish tank represents an enclosed environment where the well-being and survival of its population resides entirely in the quality of the water. It is essential that the water quality reproduces the aquatic living conditions through different parameters (water acidity, ventilation, oxygen, etc.).

Purification is therefore a primordial element that must function permanently. Living beings produce organic waste inside the tank, which must be regularly decontaminated or even destroyed to preserve the survival of species.

Because of all this waste in the water, without a system like this one, you would have to empty your bin daily, at the risk of destroying not only the biological environment, but also the good bacteria in the jar.

A good filtering system will preserve the health of the fish, save time and maintenance for you and reduce waste for the planet.

Aquarium filtration comparison: internal or external, what’s the difference?

It is important to make a comparison of internal or external aquarium filtration before making your final choice.

The internal filter, as its name indicates, will be inserted inside the tank either by a system of sticky suction cups, or hung on the wall and connected to the electrical outlet. It is entirely dedicated to small containers from 50L to 150L.

Major disadvantage: it takes up a lot of space in the basin. It is not aesthetic and not pleasant for you to observe. Your fish would also prefer to have a large swimming area rather than a black box that spoils their passage.

To continue our comparison of aquarium filtration, let’s move on to the study of the external filter.

Conversely, this device does not take up any prominent and awkward space! It must be placed under the tank or in the furniture. Great filtering capacity, it will be perfectly suitable for large freshwater or reef aquariums, for the comfort of your fine fins.

Very important to note: it is essential to choose a device with a flow rate per hour of about two to three times the volume of the tank. The maintenance is weekly by cleaning the pipes and filtering masses.

In order to save money, there is also another system with the same characteristics as the inside: the settling filter.

Comparison of aquarium filtration and essential choice

For your choice, we advise you to opt for internal filtration for small volumes, nano and medium aquariums. Economical and easy to maintain, nothing better to spend long hours observing the thousand colors of your plants and fish.

However, your sight will be ruined by the imposing housing unless the plants take over.

For large to giant boxes (more than 100L), prefer the outdoor system. But still, you must have room to hide it in the cabinet under the pond! Nevertheless, its proven usefulness in relation to its capacity and its water purification power make it an indispensable accessory for clear and limpid water to the great delight of your aquatic animals.

Comparison of aquarium filtration and filter positions

Whatever your choice, in any case your device will be composed of “filter levels”. Thus, it is essential to correctly compose your equipment with 3 different systems:

  • Mechanical: to retain the most imposing particles extracted from plant residues.
  • Biological: thanks to the micro-bacteria, the nitrogen cycle is continued through 3 main steps. The bacteria absorbed by the foam will be transformed into ammonia (highly toxic waste), nitrites (a little less dangerous) and then nitrates (not very harmful). The ammonia will be transformed into nitrites and then into nitrates. However, it is necessary to watch that the nitrate level does not become too high and does not exceed a threshold, which could prove fatal!
  • Chemical: in case of major necessity, this element should be used, for example for the destruction of a drug.

Thanks to this “compartaif aquarium filtration”, you are ready to welcome your companions in clear and limpid water. Visit our “aquarium filter” range!