Which cage to choose for my hamster?

Before picking up your little hamster, you need to provide it with a suitable habitat in which it will be safe and healthy. For his comfort and well-being, it is essential to find a hamster cage. Other models can cause injuries: your pet may run away or get stuck.
The hamster cage provides a safe place for your pet to live. On our site, no matter which cage you choose on the page dedicated to it, it will be suitable for this type of small rodent. They all meet their needs and allow you to enjoy your companion with a modern and fun design.

What size hamster cage should I choose?

When you bring your little furry friend home, huddled in the corner of its transport box, it’s hard to estimate its adult size, the size of its living space or the extent of its play area. But your pet needs to exercise in this cage, which is already occupied by a shelter for sleeping and a container for food. Buying a small cage means changing it after a while.

Also note that different hamster breeds have different sizes. For example, the golden hamster is not the same size as the dwarf Russian hamster. The Russian hamster cage can be slightly smaller than that of the golden hamster which measures about 13 cm at maturity. It is therefore necessary to provide a minimum of 60X40 cm for the Russian hamster and 100X50 cm for the largest species. These dimensions apply to flat surfaces, the pipes offer only an appreciable but necessary bonus to its blooming. It is nevertheless useless to choose a model which exceeds 50cm of height to avoid a dangerous fall.

Similarly, it is advisable to provide him with a 25cm diameter wheel to respect his morphology. The passages have a diameter of 6,5cm on average for the Russian hamster against 8cm for the golden hamster.

What materials should you choose for your hamster?

You can choose between a cage with bars and a Plexiglas cage. Both products have their advantages and limitations. In either case, they protect your home from splashes with a solid tray as the base of the cage.

The Plexiglas gives an optimal visibility to observe your pet in its daily activities. The choice of a high quality brand avoids that the plexiglass becomes opaque with time and maintenance.
The cage with horizontal bars allows your small mammal to climb.

Each of these models requires a protected area: the plexiglass cage can overheat in summer with direct exposure and the one with grids exposes to drafts.

The mixed cage combines the positive points of each. It makes the changes in levels natural and diversifies the play area. It gives your pet total freedom to build his nest in the corner that suits him best: some move their snuggle into the bend of a pipe, others into the bottom of the crate or next to the food dispenser!

How should a hamster cage be arranged?

In the wild, hamsters live in burrows with tunnels. The cage with pipes reproduces this way of life: the solid part creates a closed and reassuring habitat while the pipes awaken its instincts and encourage exploration in the shelter.

Choose a Russian hamster cage with several possible circuits to encourage its activity. This type of cage often has several levels, so you can take advantage of every moment of awakening, from its toilet to its meals. It is preferable to isolate the food bowl from the litter box by placing it on a floor, for hygiene reasons.

Often, the cage with pipes allows several possible combinations and gives free rein to your creativity to adapt the circuit to your small animal. A few bars complete the physical exercises in the wheel: they appreciate being able to hold on to it to climb up. The grids also make it easy to add fun accessories. The major brands also provide a complete equipment to install.

This guide should help you choose the right hamster cage. The size, location and layout of your hamster cage will determine its quality of life. You’ll be able to decorate and develop your hamster’s play area, according to its behavior, with an appropriate model. It’s all about providing a safe and stimulating environment with a cage that mimics its natural habitat. Also, don’t forget that it is extremely important to maintain this environment and to offer regular and efficient cleaning for the good health of your small rodent. We have selected for you the best models on the market with adapted equipment. We offer a wide range of products for your pleasure and that of your pet.