Where to place my cat’s basket?

A cat’s territory is structured in several activity zones. There is the feeding area, the litter box area, the play area and finally the resting area. This layout is essential for your companion’s balance. Moreover, as an independent animal, it’s best to think about the location of each of your cat’s living areas before he chooses them himself against your wishes.
Deciding where to place your pet’s basket is fundamental. This area must meet various criteria specific to its needs and character. Indeed, as it will spend several hours a day there, the resting area must be quiet. The cat particularly appreciates observing the world around him, so a basket in height will inevitably attract him. Finally, as this animal also likes to change its resting place, several areas can be arranged.

A maximum of calm, away from drafts

Just like its owner, the cat needs peace and quiet to rest. Therefore, it is necessary to place your pet’s basket in a quiet corner of the house. The cat will not go into the hallways or other busy areas.
Your companion will refuse to stay in the middle of the drafts because this area will lack comfort. While she may not mind a little wind, she will not appreciate sleeping in front of an open window or door.
Cats like warm places. A basket placed near a radiator will often be occupied. Also, your pet will appreciate receiving gentle sunlight for its nap.

A high place

Cats like to keep an eye on their territory at all times. For this, nothing beats a high position. Your pet will be more likely to sleep in his basket if it is placed well above the ground. It’s also a good idea to place your cat on a piece of furniture or a chair.
An elevated basket responds to the natural tastes of cats and gives them a certain tranquility. Difficult to reach, they will be more calm. Also, positioning your cat’s basket high and out of reach of children is a winning strategy for the safety and well-being of the whole family.

Two baskets instead of one

If your cat likes to sleep in the sun, one basket won’t be enough to cover her daytime sleeping needs. Once the sun no longer reaches one basket, your cat will want to seek refuge in a new sunny spot. So it makes sense to have two baskets rather than one.
This method will be even more useful when the baskets need to be cleaned. If there is only one basket, the cat will not be able to lie down during the washing and drying process. By rotating the care of his baskets, your pet will always have at least one place to rest.

Choosing the right place for your cat’s basket is fundamental. Indeed, your pet will shun a poorly oriented resting area. He will prefer a more comfortable and quiet space even if it means going against your own wishes.
Therefore, a thorough reflection about the resting area is a must. This area must be far enough away from the feeding area and the litter box. This area can be close to the play area.
It is important to give the animal a sense of direction and to quickly get it used to sleeping in its basket. Two baskets placed in areas with different qualities will fully satisfy your cat.