Where do I have my apartment dog sleep?

Much more than a simple resting place, the place where the dog sleeps serves as a cozy nest as well as a den for him, just as the den can be for his cousin the wolf. It is a no man’s land totally forbidden to others. It also indicates his hierarchical status in the home. It is a place to be chosen with care and it is preferable to keep it the same throughout one’s life.

In a quiet place, sheltered from passageways

It is very important to place your basket or cushion on the floor, and especially not high up like on an armchair, sofa or bed. This will establish a hierarchy between the animal and its masters from the outset. Otherwise, the dog will be in a situation of domination. In the same vein, also avoid placing his sleeping area in the middle of a room, as he may be watching the comings and goings of everyone and feel like the head of the family.

You should therefore place his basket in a slightly secluded and quiet place so that his sleep is peaceful. But be careful not to exclude him or partition him in a place that is too far away and difficult to access: the dog could feel rejected and punished and refuse to go there. Therefore, the ideal is to house him in a quiet but sufficiently lively corner, far from doors and exits. For example, in the corner of a living room, but always out of places of passage such as an entrance, a corridor, or the top or bottom of a staircase. If possible, keep the basket away from windows and doors as your dog should be protected from the sun and drafts.

The living room or dining room can be a good choice, as long as the sleeping area is not between the television and the sofa. The kitchen is not a recommended place for reasons of hygiene and because it is used too often. Finally, avoid having your dog sleep in an enclosed space such as a closet, under a table or under a bed, as this could lead to your dog becoming aggressive towards any “intruder” who might encroach on his personal space.

Remember that your dog should never be disturbed while in the shelter. Even if he has done something wrong, never scold him when he is “at home”. Always wait until he comes out to pet him, give him medication or put the leash on, or you may be bitten. And above all, never let children near him when he is there!

What about the puppy?

Once adopted, the puppy arrives completely disoriented in an unfamiliar environment, far from his mother, siblings and habits: he screams and moans all his discomfort. It is therefore important to reassure him during his first nights in his new home.

If your dog is between two and three months old, you can have him sleep in your room, by installing a basket or a comfortable blanket at the foot of the bed. The proximity of his owners will have a soothing effect on the young dog. For hygienic reasons, avoid letting him go on your bed, especially since this could quickly become a habit that is difficult to break. Be careful, however: this situation should not last long and he should be expelled from the room within two or three weeks.

On the other hand, if your dog is three months old or older, it is best to keep him in your room for only a few days and then move his basket outside.