What type of litter box should I choose for my cat?

Choosing the right cat litter is above all a matter of comfort for both the cat and its owner. There are several types of litter boxes, but some cats only accept one type in particular because they feel comfortable and do not hesitate to relieve themselves. Several tests are necessary to find the ideal litter box for the animal and which presents undeniable qualities.

Opt for a wood-based plant litter

Based on natural products, several litters exist, including one based on sawdust or small shavings. Its main advantage is that it is biodegradable and can therefore be thrown into the environment and turned into compost. Some brands are even formulated to bring an additional practicality since they can be flushed down the toilet. This aspect will be a serious asset for the cat’s owner who will not have much maintenance to do. It is preferred over other types of litter boxes for its ability to absorb moisture and retain odours. It resists dust, which allows the cat to get to it and feel completely at ease.

Corn as plant litter

Cornstalk is also proposed for the composition of some litter. This part of the corn corresponds to the heart of the ear and is also biodegradable. Pleasant for cats, it does not give off any odor and has the advantage of not sticking to the paws. It is therefore a good option for owners to consider for their pets. With a maximum thickness of three to four centimetres, it must be cleaned daily and completely renewed once a week. The corresponding bin should then be emptied and filled with a new layer of clean corn cob. It must be understood that the cat must always appreciate to come in its litter box, so changing it regularly guarantees an optimal use of the chosen plant litter.

The advantages of mineral litter

This type of litter formulated in natural clay is widely used because its absorbency is impressive and it is possible to find some that have a pleasant scent to prevent the spread of odors. Owners who opt for this formula should avoid going for the first prices of mineral litter because their quality is lower. Liquids are poorly absorbed and it becomes unpleasant for both the cat and the owner to use it. Some cases of respiratory infections have even been reported. To ensure satisfactory cat hygiene, it is better to invest in a slightly more expensive or even top-of-the-range mineral litter that will ensure optimal use.

The practical aspect of clumping litter

Clumping litter, as its name suggests, works in a certain way because as soon as the cat has done its business, it forms small balls or little piles of material that simply need to be picked up with a shovel and thrown into a bag. The maintenance of the litter box is therefore much easier, which is an important argument for the cat’s owner. The cat will also be sure to find a comfortable litter box every time because he will be able to relieve himself on the part of the litter box that has not clumped. It is obvious that the owner must clean it daily in order to always leave a nice litter box available for his cat. This choice is always the first to be made if the cat concerned owns a toilet because it will be much easier to maintain it on a daily basis. The particularity of this litter is also suitable for owners who want to offer the best possibility to their pet by choosing a very pleasant litter in a specialized place purchased for their esthetics and comfort.

Litter with silicates

This type of litter has a large proportion of zeolites which are part of the silicates. These components have the particularity of having an above average water retention capacity. It will therefore be very practical for cats because they will always be able to find a dry place to relieve themselves. In terms of odors, the service is also particularly effective since the liquid is absorbed immediately and there is no time for odors to spread. The marks that formulate this type of litter indicate that it is enough to remove the stool with a shovel but that the rest of the litter can be kept for a month. More economical than other forms of bedding in terms of quantity used, owners very often turn to this type of bedding. It appears that their price is also the highest, so it will be necessary to evaluate what is the relationship between quality and price or between the quantity used and the purchase price. In any case, this type of litter is to be avoided in a washroom because it is imperative that air can circulate around it.