What is “Premium” cat food?

How do I choose the right cat food for my cat? It is difficult to choose between supermarket cat food and pet store cat food. This article will help you understand the difference between traditional cat food and “premium” cat food.

When you have a cat, it is essential to think about its health and well-being on a daily basis, and this involves a lot of food. Indeed, it is not always easy to find the right food, the one that suits his diet, his age, his weight, his stage of development.
Kibbles can help to find the ideal diet but you still need to be able to differentiate between them! There are so many brands, so many varieties that the consumer is far from being able to find his precious sesame.

The metabolism of animals is quite complex and the cat’s metabolism is not much different, so we must pay close attention to the food, the way the cat eats, the quantities, the content in order to offer a balanced meal that corresponds to the cat’s real needs for a total daily well-being.

To be sure to find the right kibbles for the cat’s diet, you should not hesitate to check their content because each brand develops complete formulas with the help of veterinarians to find the most suitable food for the cat. Kibbles are easier to store than, for example, pâtés, they are more economical and they exist in many different ranges, each one taking into account the cat’s physical characteristics but also its size, weight, breed and stage of development (for example, a kitten is not given the same kibble as an adult cat in a home).

Why choose kibbles?

Also because they help eliminate hairballs and maintain good health, especially in the urinary tract. For cats that are overweight, there are even lighter kibbles and for those who suffer from other pathologies such as diabetes or food intolerance to a particular food, there is also a variety of kibbles.
Another advantage of the kibbles is that it forces the animal to chew and this chewing is more than necessary on the action of its teeth and gums: thus the cat has less tartar deposit on its teeth, it has better breath than with swill.
The kibble has all the nutrients necessary to ensure the cat’s good health and since the cat likes its food at room temperature, the kibble is just the best intake it can get from day to day.

However, when we look closer, we realize that there are 2 types of kibbles, the “Standard” and the “Premium”.

For the so-called “Standard” kibbles, they are often found in supermarkets with big brands such as Whiskas, Purina, Friskies for the best known. These kibbles are cheaper than the “Premium” ones because their composition would be of lower quality (fattier and less digestive) while respecting the cat’s necessary intake.

For the “Premium” kibbles, it’s another matter since they are only available in specialized stores, at a veterinarian’s or on the Internet. These kibbles are more expensive but of much higher quality because they are carefully studied. They are real foods designed for the cat’s well-being and health, adapted to its development and taking into account, depending on the range chosen, the breed, size, weight and lifestyle of the cat. Isn’t it perfect?

These kibbles are very well balanced and contain everything you need in terms of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, fiber and minerals and even trace elements.
No matter what choice you make for your cat’s food, you must pay attention to the composition of the croquettes, but also to the calcium content of the croquettes as well as the magnesium content so that their motor development and muscles remain in good condition.

The kibbles must always be left in self-service because the cat always eats small quantities but several times a day. He needs to know that he can eat at any time at his convenience, so he can regulate himself.

Why choose “Premium” kibbles?

These are high-end kibbles that meet all the cat’s dietary needs taking into account his age. Numerous controls are carried out on this type of kibble in order to offer the best food while respecting the animal as much as possible.

Food with “Premium” kibbles offers many advantages and benefits for the cat’s body, which can be sensitive to a change of food and a certain type of food. These kibbles are less likely to oxidize than a food such as pâtée. Since they contain all the necessary nutrients, there is no need to worry about excess or deficiencies in your cat’s diet. They can easily be stored under cover because the packaging is convenient and they keep their freshness and palatability, even when the can has been open for a few days, which is not the case with pâtée or home-style food.

Premium” kibbles are available regardless of the cat’s age, even for a kitten whose needs differ from those of an adult cat: at each stage of its development, the kibbles evolve with the cat. Thus, the cat’s activity is respected because “Premium” kibbles take into consideration the cat’s living conditions, lifestyle, weight and possible allergies. In addition, the size of the “Premium” kibbles has been carefully studied: thus, the cat can better understand them to chew them better, thus promoting the chewing mechanism necessary for its teeth and gums to be healthy.

The “Premium” kibbles nevertheless have many advantages because they are elaborated in a more meticulous way and allow the daily needs of cats to be met with a high level of protein, which favors their growth and muscular development.
Even if these kibbles are easily found in specialized stores, it is perhaps easier to buy them on the Internet: first of all, the choice is even wider and it is possible to order large quantities of bags, which is practical because delivery is made at home without the owner having to go and get them. The large quantities ordered in this way also make it possible to reduce the price per kilo, which is not negligible.

The “Premium” kibbles optimize the cat’s natural ability to protect itself, so they strengthen all of its protective systems, whether for the skin, digestive system, coat, kidney system or immune system.

If you have any doubts or questions about your cat’s appropriate diet, don’t hesitate to contact your veterinarian who will be able to advise and direct your cat towards a diet adapted to his needs.

From now on, no more worries about your cat’s diet with the different types of kibbles offered. The owner and his cat will only have to enjoy long and pleasant moments together, knowing that one is looking after the other, in one way or another.