What is pet sitting?

Nowadays, finding someone to entrust your pet to is no easy task. Indeed, the people around us are not always available to take care of your pet while you are away. A few years ago, a new concept of pet sitting was introduced in France and allows you to have your pet looked after by private individuals: pet sitting!

An original pet sitting concept

Thus, more and more owners are opting for this daycare solution, which presents itself as a real alternative to boarding or kennels.

The concept of pet sitting literally translates as family pet sitting. The individuals who take care of your pet are pet sitters and are committed to looking after its well-being until your return.

For the care of your pet, different solutions exist that allow you to keep your pet whatever its character:

  • Family care: classic solution which consists in entrusting your pet to a foster family in which it will be pampered like a family member.
  • Home care: ideal for pets that cannot stand the change of environment, the pet sitter settles in your home and sleeps on the spot during the time of care.
  • Visits and / or walks: for independent animals, organize one to several visits per day. The pet sitter moves around to take care of changing food, water, litter, walking…

The advantages of pet-sitting

In the field of pet sitting, pet sitting has found its place and seduced more and more pet owners. To stand out, pet sitting has several advantages:

  • Accessibility: Whether it is a dog or cat sitter, pet sitting allows you to have all pets looked after: ferret, rabbit, birds, NAC, rodents… – Personalized care: If your companion does not get along with other pets, you have the possibility to have him looked after alone. He will thus be able to benefit from a very particular attention during your absence. If your pet gets along well with the other animals, you can choose a family that already owns an animal. This way, your fur ball will have a playmate with whom it can play until you return.
  • Peace of mind on vacation: If you are concerned about having your pet with a family, don’t hesitate to ask the pet sitter to give you regular updates on your pet during its stay. This way, you can receive photos or videos of your pet having fun during your vacation.
  • A pre-meeting : Before entrusting your pet, it is strongly advised to meet the person. This way, you can have a first contact with your pet’s future nanny to see if the current is going well and if the environment suits you.
  • Diverse and varied profiles : Since pet sitters all have different profiles, you are bound to find the ideal nanny for your pet: retired or student, in a house or apartment, with or without a garden…