What equipment for my aquarium?

Buying fish and getting into aquarium keeping is not just a temporary purchase. Not only do you have to think about the health of your fish and plants, but you also have to think about the maintenance of your aquarium. To do this, you can distinguish the equipment necessary to maintain the good quality of the water in your aquarium from those that are related to the aesthetics of your installation. Let’s take a closer look at the different equipment you need to have for an aquarium in very good condition.

The equipment that concerns the aquarium

In your aquarium, you can see that some equipment is essential for the proper functioning of the installation while others are optional accessories. At least, you can be satisfied with the minimum of the indispensable while you get used to having an aquarium.

Aquarium essentials

To maintain a biochemical balance in your aquarium water, you need a filtration system and a pump. In addition, you need to set up a lighting system adapted to the fish or plants present in your aquarium. You can choose between neon and fluorescent tubes, but also HQL lamps for plant growth or HQI lamps for a more efficient but also more expensive solution.

Optional equipment

Depending on the type of fish in your aquarium, you may need a water heating system to maintain a proper temperature. This is especially necessary when keeping warm water fish. Later on, you can include equipment for automatic food distribution to add functionality to your aquarium. As for the bubbler and the osmosis unit, they are only necessary if you plan to install a reef tank. In addition to the basic equipment, in this case you will need equipment to treat the water and control its oxygenation. All of these accessories will add value to your aquarium and facilitate its maintenance, but you should keep in mind that they are not indispensable, especially when you are new to aquarium keeping.

Maintenance-related equipment

As soon as you get to grips with your aquarium, you will quickly find yourself in need of certain accessories that are essential for the maintenance and aesthetics of your aquarium.

Cleaning essentials

To keep your aquarium as beautiful as it is clean, you’ll need a vacuum cleaner to remove the waste that has accumulated on the aquarium floor. You should also have a dip net to remove any visible dirt floating in the water. A thermometer is also essential to assess the water temperature and to maintain a good balance in the living space of your fish. Finally, a glass cleaning magnet and a scraper for stubborn marks will be very useful for regular cleaning of your aquarium.

Secondary accessories

Afterwards, you can add accessories to your aquarium to improve the decorative aspect such as aquarium posters to place at the back of the aquarium or decorations with which you can create a real aesthetic picture. From fish shelters and pebbles to plastic plants and LED decorations, you have a wide range of choices to make your simple aquarium a dream space for your fish and a pleasure for the eyes that admire them.

Between the essential equipment for the proper functioning of your aquarium and the accessories for its maintenance, you can choose between different models since even indispensable elements such as lighting can be an integral part of your aquarium’s decor. Over time, you will be able to add functionality to your setup while making your life easier with optional but equally useful accessories.