Top 5 health benefits of dogs

As the saying goes, “a dog is man’s best friend”. In addition to their infectious joie de vivre and unfailing loyalty, our faithful companions also have many positive effects on our physical and mental health.

1/ They keep us active

Between walks, cuddles and play sessions, having a dog is synonymous with physical activity! If this benefit may seem less for some, it is particularly important for people who are alone or elderly. It forces us to move, to spend ourselves, to go out and therefore to see people!

2/ They fight against depression

In addition to the walks that allow us to air our minds and limit isolation, the dog is also a precious daily companion that can make us happier by its simple comforting presence. When we take care of a dog, we secrete serotonin and dopamine, two hormones of happiness.

3/ They keep stress away

The presence of a dog calms, soothes and comforts us and thus tends to limit stress and anxiety. When in contact with a dog, the production of oxytocin, an attachment hormone, increases significantly, while that of stress, cortisol, decreases.

4/ They preserve our heart

According to studies, dog owners would be less concerned by cardiac pathologies. More activity and less stress = a positive cocktail for our heart!

5/ They strengthen the immune system

Living with an animal on a daily basis generally improves our immune system. Our production of antibodies is boosted, allowing us to better face certain diseases. This is particularly the case for children.

Finally, in addition to all the good effects they have on our health, some of our faithful companions go even further by engaging in professions related to health or our protection: guide of the blind, trained in the detection of cancer …